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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is Shaggy's 2014 Year In Review. At the moment this couldn't be posted on YouTube because TrueStoryASA keeps striking my account and putting it in hot water! (More below) The strike doesn't allow me to post videos longer than 15 minutes, so here it is on Vimeo.

Also, to keep you in the picture through winter, I've opened up a new account on Reddit. My last one got deleted because I was unintentionally spamming and just completely ignorant of the ways of Reddit. But that's all better now. Plus I've been getting about 10,000 channel views a week from being there! So go and communicate with others who share this interest. It's the only place to get direct answers from me about all this shit.
I am there to serve.


Nine minutes of Nadia

Photo by Normal Bob

You folks just can't get enough of Nadia. Lucky for you she's willing to give another 9 minutes of herself to me, to give to you. And if that's not enough she's also available to you on Instagram.
Also, check out those creepers.
For once I'm talkin' about the shoes!

Video by Normal Bob

But I wouldn't advise you get too attached and think you've got the slightest chance of her falling for you. She's drowning in suitors. The video above will explain how she's coping with this dilemma.

Sasha Janegs

Photos by Normal Bob

Sasha, Sasha. Oh Sasha.
There are so few now who're making any sort of striking fashion statements any more, so when Sasha comes walking up to me at the Square I'd swear there was a beam of sunlight from the blue sky beeming down on her through the clouds.

She's one of those who brightness follows. She's just always been that person.

You first got introduced to Sasha back in 2010 telling her Cockroach story. I'm so happy to say that not only has she stuck around, but she's held herself together amazingly as well.

I truly want to bring you more Sasha, so you can see that she's just as intriguing as she appears.
I love her.

Kameltoe Music

Photo by Normal Bob

I'm so happy I got to meet and win the trust of Kameltoe. Talent is talent, and she's just so obviously got it. And the first time i filmed her I left with the impression that that was the last time I'd ever see her, at least for a year or two.

Video by Shaggy & Normal Bob

Luckily she's graced me with more pretty, original songs to help me illustrate Union Square with my videos.

Video by Normal Bob

And for those of you commenting under who can't stand her, let me first remind you that it's not like if I weren't posting videos of her I'd instead be posting videos of something else. Her videos are an addition. Not replacements.
That said, she sent me this picture the day immediately following the above video, and I've gotten confirmation that she's arrived safe & sound in California to be with family.
I look forward to her return, and the songs she's written about her adventures whether you do or not.

Tribute to Dumbass Dave

Video by Normal Bob

It's the long overdue homage Union's most reviled love-bug.
Joey vs TrueStoryASA

Video by Normal Bob

Round two with team Joey Boots & TrueStoryASA who probably wish they'd never ran into us in the first place. But that clock can't be turned back, and they're failing to handle this situation like men and quite unsurprisingly behaving like the little boys that they are. That's what happens when you strive to appeal to an audience of 6th grade girls.

See, they've been trying to get these videos deleted off the Tube while at the same time posting their own edited versions of the events on their channel. This, and making videos cryin' & lyin' saying Joey makes videos trashing Muslims every day.

I'm not expecting this feud to end any time soon. Quite frankly, after seeing the videos of the shit they've been pulling at Union, I'm hoping to run into them again so I can show you more of who they really are.

Update Dec 23, 2014 – TrueStoryASA threaten legal action. See more here on Reddit.

Matty Ice

Photo by Normal Bob

I've known Matty for at least a couple years now, and it hasn't always been friendly. But now we're on the same page, so he let me get some insight into what he's been up to.

Video by Normal Bob

You'll have to pardon me for going a little Harmony Korine with this.
Freddy Returns!

Video by Normal Bob

After 3 long years Freddy finally sat down next to me and welcomed a chance to tell what's happened.


Photo by Normal Bob

Shaggy would tell you that the Quarter Guy is the truest New Yorker, but I say Spidey's the man. Spidey's the New York character that who once reflected the heart of New York! Now sadly he is a rare breed.
I called him over to take pictures of how he wears his hat , for Christ's sake!

Video by Normal Bob

Here's Spidey back after disappearing into the tombs for a while, followed by a lady screaming to an unappreciative beat-boxer. You can't get more New York than this, except with an appreciative beat-boxer. Yes. That'd be more New York tha that.
End Of Union 2014

Video by Normal Bob

We didn't know it at the time, but this was the last day at Union before they set up the mall. It'll be there until January.

Usually they start setting up a week before Thanksgiving, but this happened two weeks before! It's a shame too, because things were just starting to get rolling again.

Anyhow, it's been a fun year, but all good things must end. Say goodbye.





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