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Photo by Normal Bob

The New York City hipster is dead, and she killed it, just now.

Urban Outfitters here she comes with a homemade corset pinned to her $49 "used" denim jacket, choking down to that 80s belt then crawling back up her pink sweater like a homeless man's starving pet pigeon looking for some place to die.

The final sign of the hipster apocalypse has come.

Photo by Normal Bob

I missed one of the most amazing shots and I will never forgive myself for missing it.

This man here went to that garbage can over there, backed up to it, squatted down and scratched his hunch on it like a grizzly on a tree. He had the most pleasant smile during the display. After he was finished I looked down remembered the camera in my right hand and I wept.

I took this picture later on his way back around. Sigh.

Photo by Normal Bob

Do you know what it's like to actually be assaulted by panty lines? If you don't know what it's like here's all you need: A grandmother, a huge pair of her grandma panties, tight powder blue slacks (eight sizes too small) and a semi-hot day.

There, now let's have her arrested.


Photo by Normal Bob

What the dog-world must think when one of their own is photographed wearing a pink Hello Kitty barrette.

"TRAITOR BITCH!!! You fuckin', flea-bitten scab, ass-sniffen, crotch-lickin' pussy! I hope you DIE! EAT YOUR SHIT AND DIE BITCH! FUUUUUCCCKK YOUUUUUU CUUUNNNT!"


Photo by Normal Bob

Have any of you been to the Grand Opening of Clit Town? I swear, I always thought that the C was for cunt, but I guess not.

Welcome to the neighborhood Clit Town!.

Photo by Venessa Nina

How many mistakes can one person make in a lifetime? Yes, this guy appears yet again with one of the most catastrophic fashion statements the world has yet to witness.

I've been told by the photographer that dress is in fact one whole piece, tied around the waist, then pulled between the legs like a diaper and draped over the front.

However, the T-shirt, as you can see, isn't quite as complicated.

Photo by Venessa Nina

Rule one: If you're trying to Repeal the Treasonous 'Patriot' Act do not let a guy like this hold your banner.

What the fuck dude? Get out of the goddamn way! How am I suppose to concentrate on... what the fuck is with you, man? Am I missing some message you're trying to enhance or something? And stop looking at me like that!

Photo by Venessa Nina
"See that mutha fucka? That's a fuckin' dolla bill! It ain't no counterfeit dolla either, that's a whole one dollas... wait, two dollas! I got two dollas! How'd I get two dollas?!? Ha ha ha ha! TWO DOLLAS!!"

Photo by Venessa Nina
For me personally, a continuous snoring sound is enough to get me through this picture.

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