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Rambling Bill

The conspirisist Communist Madman
Photo by Normal Bob 

Photo by Normal Bob

Bill is a boil on the ass of The No Police State Coalition. Bill is a socialist, Russian communist sympathizer, atheist with a lisp (that's what his tongue is doing in this pic, in case you're wondering).

I love Bill because Bill gives me some of the greatest images to photograph that anyone could ever hope to photgraph.

Bill doesn't like me because I don't pay him proper respect at times. As a result, Bill refers to me as The Fake Atheist when we pass on the street or stumble across each other at Walgreens.


Photo by Normal Bob

Every day Bill is at Union Square waiting for the NPSC. He's there 15 minutes before they arrive, and at the end of the day when they leave he leaves. Bill heckles, interrupts and shouts over everything the NPSC says all the time, whenever he sees a correction or revision in order.

Needless to say Joseph (left) and Geoffrey (right) of the NPSC are fed up with Bill.

Photo by Normal Bob

Bill has his own banners, but he can never find someone else who'll help him hold the other end. And even worse, when he does find somebody who'll help him out, nobody takes him that seriously.

As you can see here, Bill takes his banners quite seriously, while my friend Skater Bob does not.

Bill has one of the veiniest necks I've ever seen.

Photo by Normal Bob

Lately, Bill has become such a nuisance to the NPSC that Geoffrey and Joseph have resorted to getting some of their younger supporters to attack Bill with Silly String and water pistols.

This frustrates Bill a great deal, so Bill resorts to incessant name calling.

Photo by Normal Bob
Bill doesn't use normal name-calling terminology when he name calls. Bill calls people names like Hogwashers, Lolliegaggers, Hornswogglers, Hoodwinkers and, on this particular day he called his assailants, "Provocateurs."

Photo by Normal Bob

But no matter how much they sprayed him with string and water (that's why his clothes are wet in these pictures) he would not go away.

He would run like a small child all over the park trying to outrun the shooting liquids, but he consistently returned louder, angrier and damper than before.

Photo by Normal Bob

Bill is 60 years old. He's been doing this out here at Union Square for more than 30 years. Bill was even here after Kennedy was shot, during protests of the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King's assassination and post Watergate.

Here's another picture of him being sprayed with Silly String.

Photo by Normal Bob

I understand that Bill is an annoyance to the NPSC, and I love and respect the NPSC, but I'd really hate to see Bill go away. He's one of the gang here at Union Square.

He's won over the hearts of so many and carved a niche for himself at the park.

Photo by Normal Bob
I'd honestly miss Bill if he were to ever call it quits. Bill is a Union Square staple, a historic landmark, the lone voice of socialist, Russian communist sympathizer, atheists with lisps around the world, and most importantly he's another wonderful, beautiful, peculiar


Bill pretty much sums up what's going on right at the beginning. I'm the fake atheist political police agent provocateur, those students around him are Jesus freaks organized by the U.S. government.

The most enduring part of this video for me is when he starts calling to the crowd for any progressive people to come up and help interfere with the stuff going on here. It's kinda sweet. Like a shivering puppy in a rainstorm.

BILL! Go take a break from Union for 10 minutes! Go get a slice of pizza and take a walk in the park, and come back a little later! You're allowed to flee and return after that've left! You don't HAVE to endure the whole world right now! Aww, but I suppose that's why you're precisely who you are.

Pen & Ink, 8.5" x 11"
© 2004 Normal Bob Smith

Subject: You're Much Too Kind,.....

As you well know, I'm a huge fan, and I admire you greatly, however, as much as it pains me to do so, I must object to the "Soft" position that you have taken towards the antics of Mr. Bill.

Yesterday, September 25th, 2004 the NPSC stepped it up against Mr. Bill.

To the casual observer, the treatment of Mr. Bill might have seemed a bit rough,.....unnecessarily cruel even, but for anyone who is familiar with the history of Mr. Bill's relationship with the NPSC, and of the incessant and vicious attacks that the NPSC has suffered at the hands, and mouth of this LUNATIC!,.....yesterday's action taken against Mr. Depperman was not only just and humane, but it was a long over due and most welcome development.

It was an action essential to the continuation of the Free Speech Event at Union Square, and an action that was needed, to secure the event from the operations of all saboteurs, hell-bent on destroying our event, and our group..

It was important to send the message that this type of offense against our group, is something that this group will no longer tolerate, and that anyone who attempts to conduct themselves in similar fashion, will find themselves in an "Uncomfortable" situation.

During the past week, members of the NPSC, and other Free Speech Event participants, who are completely fed up with Mr. Bill's long history of relentless harassment of the speakers at our event, decided to take action.

The action taken against Mr. Bill at the past three Free Speech Events, consisted of the following:
Bill's "Bullhorn Donations Bucket" was made to dissapear,.....the replacement bucket was kicked about the park frequently sending the small amount of donation money contained within, flying,.....his stupid cardboard sign which contained statements critical of the Blank Brothers and Dennis Griggs, was ripped up,..... a duplicate sign appeared at the very next Free Speech Event but that one was sprayed with red and blue permanent ink,.......he was forced to endure clouds of second hand smoke,...... he was forced to endure streams of highly offensive FART SPRAY,........ he was sprayed with silly string,....... his banners and signwork were sprayed with permanent black and blue ink,...... he was doused repeatedly and soaked with water, ....AND STILL,....BILL WOULD NOT GIVE UP HIS MISSION TO DESTROY OUR FREE SPEECH EVENT!

Finally, during yesterdays Free Speech Event, after being subjected to much of the same aforementioned treatment, and subjected to the additional humiliation of being sprayed from a squeeze bottle and coated with a nice THICK STICKY EGG BATTER,.....Depperman was forced to slither back into his hole in retreat, and was not heard from again for the remainder of the day.

The crowd for the most part was pleased, with the exception of a few bleeding heart pacifists and enablers, ( not necessarily supporters, because Depperman has none ) but for the core members of the NPSC, it was a great and triumphant day, and as I said before,.....LONG OVERDUE!!!!

This ASSHOLE had it coming to him, and he has only gotten a fraction of what he truly deserves.

After being Bill's punching bag, and after years of actually being cordial to that Shit-Head and strongly advocating against any aggressive action being taken against Mr. Bill for over a year,........I must admit I had more than just a little taste for REVENGE!......So much so in fact, that I was even a little disappointed that Depperman didn't stick around long enough for us to apply the multi-colored glitter that we had waiting for him. He would have looked really wonderful, with all that sparkly stuff stuck to that coating of Sticky Egg Batter!....almost as good as Bob looks in his Devil outfit.

"Beware the wrath of patient men!"

One of our friends and supporters shot a video of yesterdays festivities, and it looks great,....IT IS HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!!!!! It clearly shows Mr. Depperman getting a face full of silly string, combing it out of his straw like hair, and getting hit in his face with thick streams of EGG from the squeeze bottle. If you have an analog to digital converter, it would be nice to put some of those images on the web site.

I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of Mr. Depperman, so we will stand prepared to continue our efforts to find creative Non-Violent methods to discourage him from disrupting our event. Please forward any suggestions you might have, I would appreciate the aid of such a creative genius such as yourself.

We will also capture all future efforts to deal with Depperman on video, and the compilation of these video clips will be sure to provide us with endless entertainment, and might even win us the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos.

No Police State!

Union Sq Map

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