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Photo by Normal Bob
This really just goes to show that it's more than just the magazines you read.

Photo by Normal Bob
It isn't how old you are on the outside that matters, it's how old you feel inside. At least that is up until your outside looks morph into what you should be keeping inside.

Photo by Normal Bob
When this guy walked by us you could tell (even through those mirrored shades) that his eyeballs were darting left and right to see if anyone could tell that he was a douchebag pretending to be hipster.

Photo by Noah Ryder
Maybe it's just me, but I get creeped out by men who wear brand new Chucks. It reminds me of that NAMBLA guy in Chickenhawk who wants to forever be 14 years old and this somehow makes it okay for him to have sex with other 14 year olds.

Photo of photo by Normal Bob
Ms. Subways? Are they serious?!? Jesus Christ, why not just be "Ms. Bus Stop" or "Soup-Kitchen Princess?"

Congratulations! You came in first place in a subway beauty pageant! And that pretty much makes you the queen of all the Amazing Strangers! Neat, huh?

Screenshot by Normal Bob
So I get this spam in the mail the other day. Now I realize that I didn't invent the Devil-look, but I mean, c'mon! Am I stretching it when I suggest that this e-loan place ripped me off? Shaved head, black lipstick, and my patented deviant smile? That's me, right?

Photo by Normal Bob

Photo by Normal Bob

Photo by Normal Bob

Photo by Normal Bob
So why is it that when you're a junky couple you always gotta be staggering around in the middle of the street trying to hail a cab that doesn't exist, while you argue loudly about what you didn't mean to say? And you gotta follow your bitch around tryin' to explain to her that when you called her "bitch" it's because you love her, and you'd die for her, and she just don't understand what it means to be a man in love. Then she always tells you that you can be such a dickhead sometimes and to just let her go because she ain't gonna be treated like that ever again. And you say "treated like what?" While you yank her by the arm so she'll listen.

Then you pinch her ass and say "But you is my bitch," and then she understands, and you both stagger around in the street some more, still unable to find a cab that'll pick your sorry asses up.

Why is that?

Photo by Reagan Barker
If you don't already know this trick on how to take pictures of Amazing Strangers, you should.

What you do is you tell a buddy of yours to pose for a picture so that the Amazing Stranger is in the background of the shot. You make a big production out of it- telling your buddy to lean up against a sign, have him throw a scarf over his shoulder and smile, etc, because then, even if the stranger is staring directly into your lens watching you take his picture he won't say anything, because of your buddy posin' and you made a big production out of it and all.

Photo by Noah Ryder
Another way to do it is by setting your camera on the table you're at and just leave it there. Have it on so that it's centered squarely on the guy who has his eye patch on only halfway so you can see there's nothing wrong with his eye, then a few minutes later (after he's gotten used to your camera just sittin' there doin' nothin') you reach over and press the picture-taking button.

Note: This particular move is easier to hide from the Stranger if he's wearing an eye patch.

Photo by Venessa Nina
Or you can just do like my friend Venessa does and just point your camera right at the action, and don't give a shit about whether or not they see you takin' it.

Photo by Venessa Nina
All three of these options work. You just gotta pick and choose which will work best for the particular Amazing Stranger you happen to spot!

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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