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Photo by Reagan
Look at that lady's jacket! I mean, Wow! Holy fuck! She's like a fuckin' Celestial Seasonings Christmas tree on this subway! Riding it uptown, and back downtown, and all around town in the greatest jacket ever produced by the spiced tea industry.

Photo by Normal Bob
This guy was incredible! In fact, we sat there for a good half an hour entranced by him before we even remembered what Amazing Strangers were!

He seemed to be inventing his own sign language specifically for translating the music. I could sit here and try to explain the dazzling array of hand/arm gestures and facial expressions but it just wouldn't show it like the video.

Photo by Normal Bob
Being able to sit at Union Square and watch the 50 year old drunks pick up on the 12 year olds is what makes it the place to be.

Like clockwork the preteens walk up, sit down, and the park dirtbags swarm. I often wonder what they think'll happen. Like the girls will be intrigued and ask him if he's into the whole pedophile scene like they are.

Photo by Reagan
It finally happened. The whole whigger thing has become nothing short of Jawa. It's springtime in New York and he's draped himself in fat man's leisure wear. All they need now are the little light bulb eyes and Beaker voices.

Photo by Normal Bob
On the island of the Golden Pear People this lady would reign supre... Um, well, in all actuality she'd probably still be just another Golden Pear Person shlubbing around a garbage bag full of crap, so nevermind.

Photo by Normal Bob
Amazing Strangers IS rock-n-roll grandmas and their matching poodles. That's what it's all about! It's about the dog matching her hair, the over sized biker jacket with the undersized spindly legs in the sweats while she stares you down on a walk-by.

Photo by Normal Bob
The only reason this picture had to be taken was because he looked like he'd just eaten a HUGE fuckin' lunch. Like it was ten times the size of any normal huge lunch, and there at his feet was the lunchbox it had been eaten from.

Then it was made all the more ironic by that poster behind him with the starving homeless guy being comforted by the gentle MTA Outreach volunteer.

Photo by Normal Bob
This lady, I had to sit there and watch her apply massive amounts of Jeurgens lotion to her hands and rub it in for like 10 minutes. Makes me fuckin' sick.

This guy I worked with in Chicago once accidentally squirted way too much lotion on his hands, like a freakin' hand full, and instead of wipin' it off into the garbage he started to swirl it around. I was like "What the fuck?!?!" and I freaked out right during the meeting we were in and said "Please tell me you're not gonna sit there in front of us and rub that into yourself!"

So yeah, I think he went ahead and did it anyways. Can't stand that shit. Enough already.

Photo by Normal Bob
The most impressive thing about this guy is that there's two of 'em. Each with their hardcore leprechaun thing goin' on.

Each of them are covered in tattoos, massive gage piercings, rude boy punk rock style with dyed beards and eyebrows.

One of them will be sitting at Union all alone, then after awhile his buddy will come up and sit with him. It's actually quite sweet.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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