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Photo by Normal Bob
This is a Graver in a gas mask. A graver is a cross between a goth and a raver, and this one is in a gas mask.

One of these days very soon I'm going to dedicate an entire page of Amazing Strangers to the Gravers, but for now here is but one, in a gas mask, at Union Square, timidly peering over his shoulder at me taking his picture.

Photo by Normal Bob
I saw this lady just today standing in the subway. What I failed to capture with this photo was her age. I would have estimated her to be between 38 and 45, and if you look closely you'll see that her hair is also dyed poorly in the same lime green. All chalky like.

I completely understand her, inside and out. Her and I have riches that most people will never ever understand! Well, I used to>

Photo by Normal Bob
So this is what it's finally come to. Teenage boys wearing their mother's nightshirts around and somehow trying to convince others that it's the tough thing to do.

I can't wait to see that first gangsta who mistakenly goes out in this same kind of shirt on a hot summer day with shorts on underneith. Now that'd be something I don't want to miss! Oh please happen at Union Square when I have my camera ready! Oh Dear God Pleeeezzzze!!!

Photo by Normal Bob
Yep, Union Square again, and this time it was this over energetic elderly man shadow boxing to something on his head phones that I would have killed to hear what he was listening to! The theme to Rocky is too predictable. I'm guessing something more along the lines of Peter Gabriel or Phil Collin's "Sussudio."

Whatever the case may be don't miss out on the videos I took of him hoppin' around in his spandex outfit shadow boxing, pantomiming shooting hoops and pretend-jump-roping. Video 1 & video 2.

Photo by RB
Alt is my favorite coffee shop. You can go in there, get an okay cup of coffee, and relax with your thoughts away from all that crazy shit out there in the real world.

Thank you Alt for being what you are to me. It means so much.

Photo by RB
This is actually the third time this guy has appeared in Amazing Strangers. If I remember correctly the other times were an upskirt shot of him, and him in one of those nightshirts with short shorts as described above (you'll see the pics if you keep exploring these pages).

So yeah, he's been doing this every day now since the weather's gotten nice enough to sunbathe in. Go visit him at Union! In fact, while you're at it ask him what he thinks about the Bush administration! I promise you won't regret it.

Photo by Noah Ryder
Okay, now is there any question about what men should be doing once they go bald? If there is then this picture ought to resolve any doubts you may have had about anything other than shaving the whole goddamn horseshoe off! Jesus Christ!

Photo by Normal Bob
Oh god, it's the Gravers, again! Get used to hearing that, because they really are reproducing like rabbits at Union. Here they were wiping each other with ropes and belts trying to pretend that it was some sort of kung fu ninja fighting style.
I suppose that a Graver is a Junky that just hasn't graduated yet, or like a poor-man's goth?
Oh, just hold tight! You'll see what I mean when I make that Amazing Strangers Graver page.

Photo by my brother
Back when I lived in Chicago and my brother and I used to drive through the midwest to visit our folks, we'd get to drive by these billboards that make celebrities out of real estate agents. Sandi Gentry has always been my favorite.

She reminds me of how different things are out there outside of New York City, and what's going through people's heads, and how they go about doing the things they do. Know what I mean?

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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