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Photo by Normal Bob
Do you remember back in the day when the circus came to town and all the boxcars would go by with giraffe heads poking out of the top and lion's rowring, and the clowns and the freaks and the monkey cages? And that guy with the big hat leading the way, and even a funny lookin' little red caboose takin' up the rear?

Photo by Normal Bob
And remember when that train rolled on by and the children would cry out, "The circus is in town! The circus is in town!" And everyone would gather 'round to stare in awe at the bizarre parade of colors, costumes, and oddities? Well that's exactly what it's like to sit on the steps at Union Square.

Photo by Normal Bob
People ask me all the time: "Bob, what exactly is a graver?" And I always have to explain, "It's not that simple. There isn't a dictionary definition of the word graver. A graver isn't something that can be broken down into a few basic ingredients."

Okay, sure. In its essence it's the cross between a goth and a raver, but it goes much deeper than that. It's a raver style of dress combined with an admiration for goth. The uniqueness of each is perverted into a strange half-breed that includes raver accessories with goth sensibilities. Where there was once only raver there is now also goth. But that is not ALL. There is also hop hop, metal, industrial, punk, D&D nerd, even jock!

It is an all inclusive style, while at the same time excluding all. Don't you understand?

Christ, it's just too complicated to make you understand.

Photo by Normal Bob
One of the reasons that New York sucks is because everywhere you turn your head there're two more girls who are cooler and hotter than you could ever hope to get the attention of.

They've heard it a hundred times before, they know all the angles you could try, and they know they're better than you before you even come into sight, so don't even bother. All this and they can roller-skate too? Good luck.

"Hey Bob,
If you're interested to know, and maybe you already do, those lovely girls on wheels are fellow derby skaters. (I skate with the Detroit Derby Girls) They are members of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. I believe they may be Emma Badapple of the Manhattan Mayhem and Ariel Assault of the Brooklyn Bombers.

I have been visiting your webpage for the past few years and am a true fan of all of your work. Good for you for putting your nogod given talents to work for you! Keep it up... and I'll keep reading.
Take Care.
Andi/lil raskull of the DDG"

Photo by Normal Bob
Oh Christ, say it isn't so. My God, we all knew this day would come. You never think it's gonna happen to you, and then when it does you don't want to accept it as truth. Yes. Grandma's wearing a Sex Pistols shirt.

And you know what's even worse? She probably got the mother fuckin' thing at Walmart.

Rarely do I ever cry, but this one time I wept outright, in public, to the point where good Samaritans were offering me a hanky and their condolences.

Photo by Normal Bob
So, have I made my point yet about the circus parade of strangers at Union yet?

Seriously, it's one after another after another after another. I've never been to anywhere quite like this place. That's why I'm spending way too much of my time here, and perhaps even becoming one of them?

Is that what's happening? Someone please come and tell me if that's the case! I need to know the truth! Oh my fucking god, I think it is!

Photo by Normal Bob
Jesus Christ, he just keeps making it to the pages of Amazing Strangers again and again!

First he made it with a spicy hot up-skirt shot!

Then he was hanging around in a shirt with no pants scripting out his important speech against Bush.

And the last time he was camped out at Union Square like it was his own personal beach resort.

Now he's just gone and topped himself once again going totally balls-out. What can I do but give him even more valuable real estate on the pages of Amazing Strangers?

Photo by Normal Bob
We here at have this friend named Kyle. You've seen him before on my site wearing a Wishing Hat and swingin' on a pole at Colyn's birthday party. But recently Kyle (also known as 1/2 Nelson) has become sort of a cult icon around town, written up in NYC gossip mags, and even his look has been catching on! No kiddin'.

You see, this is NOT Kyle. This is an impersonator [MySpace page] who "coincidentally" has the exact same fucking look as my friend! OUR friend!

So just for the record, Kyle started this look and made it what it is today: The punk rock of the gays! And anyone who thinks he can just steal credit for it, well not if I can do anything about it!

And by the way, if you want to visit the REAL 1/2 Nelson's web site, it's at and it's really cool (naked demolition girls, hot models, Kyle's art, photography, fashions and a lot more.)

Movie & Sound Effects by Normal Bob
Hey! It's movie time! Christ, do I love this new audio/video feature on my camera! Especially for this section of the site, and especially for for something like this!

This contraption is called a Segway™, and it's only $2,000! Now you tell me where else you're gonna find a cheaper way to look like a complete dildo rollin' around on two wheels. Enjoy the show!

Human Drum Machine by Normal Bob
I wish I could enjoy life this much. I used to, back when all it took was a pair of headphones, the right song and an open space.

Movies by Normal Bob
There's really very little that needs to be said about these two clips, just that I walked through the park and saw her, . then I went to the post office, got some coffee, had lunch, ran a couple errands and passed through Union again and she was still there. She hadn't missed a beat.

(C) 2008 All pictures featured here are my property because they were taken by me & my friends with my camera, so they're all mine!

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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