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Photo by Normal Bob
Anyone who ever agrees to be one of those volunteers for a street performer at Union Square deserves everything that's going to happen to them.

You deserve to be standing there in public with a plunger on your head holding a straight jacket while the performer runs around you with his shirt off. You deserve to have your girlfriend watching you as the thugs in the park yell "FAGGOT" at you. You deserve to be there nervously laughing while you're the butt of every joke there in the middle of the whole city of New York. Because that's what it's all about.

Photo by Normal Bob
What's up with people wearin' the Looney Toons characters? I mean, what's in it for them? And please don't tell me that it's because it goes against those Disney Big Wigs and their evil corporate agenda, because everybody knows that if that were the case you'd be wearin' Hanna Barera leather trench coats with Hong Kong Phooey and Magilla Gorilla pasted all over it. Or do they actually relate to Tweetie Bird?

No, that's not the case. It's about something completely different. And I guess that it's something completely beyond my comprehension, because I see something like this and I think "stupid." I think, "Wow, that must be a stupid person with stupid ideas and a stupid life." But I'm not being judgmental. That's just the way it is.

Photo by Normal Bob
Jesus Christ! What's the deal with men in Betty Boop leathers?!? Remember that other guy in Burger King on page 19 who had one too? And now this guy! Okay, granted, this one's an AIDS-ridden drug addict, but still! Have these men no shame? My guess is that Good Will is over-stocked and is letting 'em go with $1.50 price tags.

Photo by Normal Bob
So what do you do when you're sick of telling everyone that it's not a real Louis Vuitton but instead it's a cheap Canal Street rip off? You got it. And I bet it works too.

Photo by Normal Bob
Okay, somebody saw the movie "Save The Last Dance" one too many times. There were three of these white girls performing with the breakdancers on this day. All of them showing the park these vagina-mangling splits. Which reminds me. What's with guys who think this is hot? Do they fantasize about viginas that are all stretched out and pulled apart like bread dough?=

I mean, do you think this actually looks attractive with her clothes off? I assure you that there's some spooky visuals goin' on underneath those sweats, I don't care what Jack Tripper says. Fuckin' freak show madness, that's for sure.

Photo by Normal Bob
You wanna know what I love most about this shot? It's the way that lady looks like she's a little complaining person being pushed around in the cart, and all she does all day is bitch at him sayin' shit like- "Hey, I got an idea! How about gettin' less ankle fat? Wouldn't that be nice? Oh! And while you're at it you should maybe try getting another shirt! Gee, what a brilliant suggestion I've offered! And you call that tucking in? You wanna know what I call it? Bullshit! That's what!" ...and so on, and so forth.

Now do you see how neat the picture is?

Photo by Normal Bob
You know, I can sit and make fun all day long but the truth is they got somethin' I don't got. They got each other. They've found love to keep them warm on those cold winter nights ahead. And what do I got? *Lookin' in every direction* Nothin'! I'm alone, and they get TWO thrills! Love and junk! Christ. Where did I fall off course?

Photo by Normal Bob
Okay, good. It's nice to see someone who doesn't have it all. I mean, he has one of the things (junk), but not the other (love). Thanks God!

There's just nothin' worse than havin' to see all these people around who've got everything. One thing is fine, but two things? That's one too many for me! I feel much better now.

Movie by Normal Bob
Oh the things people do to their dogs to express themselves. And you wanna know what the best part is? The best part is that this over dressed little spaz of a dog was barking at a really poor homeless person who was really hungry and had nothing to eat. So yeah, the owner's views were clearly expressed.

(C) 2008 All pictures featured here are my property because they were taken by me & my friends with my camera, so they're all mine!

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