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Photo by Normal Bob
Peepers comes out of his hole, signifying an early spring at Union Square!

Hooray! It's going to be a Peepers year!

Photo by Normal Bob
Why is it that those darling teens I see all over the bookstores in those "Japanese FRUiTS" books aren't an occurring fashion statement here in the US? The closest anyone gets here is with their four year olds.

Photo by Normal Bob
And what's springtime at Union Square without the Dictator Of Union Square himself spilling out all of his homeless reign propaganda to the masses?

And wouldn't you know it, even the homeless dictator of Union Square called for the extermination of the Jews. They can never catch a break, not even with this guy.

Photo by Normal Bob
This is Freddy about 2 and a half years ago (Jan, 04).

He's showing his track marks to the camera. Freddy was the only junkie I've seen who actually had energy when he was shot up. He'd dance and rap for ya, and he'd also be quite up front about his usage.

About 4 years ago I was waiting in a long line to use the bathroom at Starbucks. And everyone in the line was getting really mad because someone had been in the restroom for a long fucking time. Then, after like 20 minutes, out comes Freddy, soaking wet from head to toe, sayin', "The toilet's busted."
Ever since then I've followed the ups and downs of Freddy, until he disappeared just before the winter of 2004. My friends and I thought sure he'd OD'd.

Photo by Normal Bob
But wouldn't you know it, Freddy turned up yesterday and Union Square, looking about 10 years older, but coherent and sane none the less. I was impressed. He told me he'd been clean for 8 months, had just gotten out of rehab a couple weeks ago. It's not a good sign to see him comin' back to Union, but at least he's still alive on my flawless spring afternoon!

Photo by Normal Bob
And what does springtime in Union Square mean for a Graver? Birkenstocks!

No kiddin'! The Hip Hop Vampire youth has a new accessory to add to their wardrobe, and it's straight out of Jesus' closet.

"Sigh" Nothing says Springtime at Union more than Gravers in sandals. Sweet spring.

Photo by Normal Bob
And just when you think that you've absorbed the full dose of Union Square's lustrous spring bounty, along comes the shorty to out-short all shorties! And believe me, you can't get the full effect of this one unless you click for the "bigger" image.

There ya go. Now tell me it ain't spring. Bruthas, this is entirely and uniquely a moment in spring.

Photo by Normal Bob
Another treat that spring brings out is the punkers and their parents. There is almost no greater thrill for me than when, by lucky chance, I spot that begrudging punk teen pretending to have nothing to do with the adult sitting next to them, combined with the genuine need for their pocketbook.

Photo by Normal Bob
With spring comes white! Oh pure, sexy, all purpose white! And no white says springtime white more than white garters and white stockings pulled over  and all black outfit Olive  Oil style on a 70 degree day!

Everyone has their own way of expressing Springtime, and this is one of the ways. Luckily there are many others.

Photo by Normal Bob
Finally, what better way to conclude the perfect spring day than with a sighting of junkie lovebirds nodding and swaying together in a balancing ballet?

Their garbage at their feet, the gentle breeze pushes them like limp feathers, to and fro. The Junkie sway is welcoming everyone back to spring in New York. Thanks you two. Now please get off the stage.

(C) 2008 All pictures featured here are my property because they were taken by me & my friends with my camera, so they're all mine!

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