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For a while now I've been talking about Gravers and Hipsters. I've been talking about how the Graver is the exact opposite of a Hipster. I even went so far as to say, "The hipster is the natural enemy of the Graver. There is no Graver in Hipster, and no Hipster in Graver. They are polar opposites. If ever the two meet, one appears invisible to the other."
Well, wouldn't you know that just a couple months after making this statement the two became one. That's right. And the result of this conjunction has formed what can now be referred to as...

Photo by Normal Bob

So what's a Scenester?
A Scenester is the melding of the Hipster and the Graver. Like Gravers a Scenester has its own collection of accessories.

A Scenester's accessories include, and ARE limited to: sunglasses, studded belts, key chains, tight jeans and tight shirts, iPods, bookbags, tight hoodies, black handkerchief in back pocket, and a fascination with robots, pirates and ninjas.

Photo by Normal Bob
Like the Gravers, the Scenesters also play fight! They karate-chop each other [see video], wrestle, fake punch and kick each other [more video]! Scenesters play fight without make-believe weapons, while Gravers playfight with make-believe weapons. 

Scenesters also have an additional feature which is referred to as "iPod Dancing" (the act of dancing alone to one's iPod). [video]

Photo by Normal Bob

A Scenester cares more about his hair and clothes than a Graver. A Scenester will spend hours on hair; combing, primping, flattening and styling, while a Graver will rock a do-rag with a ponytail.

Photo by Normal Bob

Photo by Normal Bob

Like the Gravers the Scenesters hang only with their own kind, and any outsider who finds themselves within the Scenester clique risks being transformed into one of them, absorbed into the Scenester mass. The Scenester (like the Graver) is the dominant fashion statement in a relationship.

Photo by Normal Bob

Unlike the Graver, the Scenester wears tight pants, tight hoodies and tight shirts.

Like the Graver, the Scenester includes bits of punk, gangsta (they sag the tight jeans & talk like thugs), jock, goth, and even a smidgin of vampire.

None of this fairs well for the Hipsters. Being co-opted by teens usually spells disaster for trends such as these.

Photo by Normal Bob

But one of the most fascinating aspects of this whole entire Scenester invasion is that the Gravers are nowhere to be found! No joke. One look around Union Square, and what used to be everywhere, is now nowhere! Sure, there are some Scenesters who were once Gravers, but what was once hordes of Gravers occupying the park has completely disappeared! There isn't a Graver to be found! So I ask you: Where have the Gravers gone?

(C) 2008 All pictures featured here are my property because they were taken by me & my friends with my camera, so they're all mine!

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