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Photo by Normal Bob

This is Billy Rohan. Billy is a well known skateboarder. He has a serious chemical imbalance in his head. Seriously. This isn't drugs. Billy is just off, and I was lucky enough to catch him at Union Square doing some of his latest tricks.

Movie by Normal Bob

This first one is called "Through The Puddle." This is where Billy skates to the puddle, then goes through it on his belly, while a junkie takes his skateboard around to the other side of the puddle for Billy to crawl onto and land this trick on all fours. It's really impressive. Like, half a skateboarding trick, and the other half is more freestyle puddle-swimming-something or other.

Movie by Normal Bob

The next Billy Rohan clip isn't really a skateboarding trick, and it's quite simply titled "Puddle Angel." It's pretty self explanatory, as you'll see. And no, he wasn't performing for the camera on this one. This one was before he even knew I was filming him. This is just what Billy Rohan does at the park.

Movie by Normal Bob

This last Billy Rohan clip is his most impressive new trick. One that Skater Bob is still trying to learn. I call it the "Bucking Bronco Billy," and this particular version goes right through the middle of the now infamous Union Square puddle. I swear, this trick needs to be logged away into the Skater Encyclopedia, all credit given to Billy Rohan.

Billy made it all happen. He gave the crowd the best show ever. This is what Billy Rohan has been up to lately. Thanks Billy.

Photo by Sandra

It took me a while to decide on this one, but after I sent my friend to go take this pic, and after I got the pic home and really looked at it, and after I beat off to it and ejaculated all over my monitor, I decided that I approve of this look. She totally sold me on the pink, glam rocker, tried-herion-twice-to-fit-in style she was rockin'.

This gets one HUGE Thumbs Up! Good job!

Photo by Normal Bob

This is called a "Mall Grab." It's how a guy holds his skateboard who's on his way to the mall, and every true skater knows that you do NOT EVER hold your board by the trucks if you consider yourself any kind of a skateboarder at all! And who better to be performing the Mall Grab but a Scenester?

Sometimes things just come full circle and make absolute sense no matter how you look at it.

Photo by Normal Bob

So you wake up feelin' lonely and unloved one Saturday morning, so you have a brilliant idea on how to satisfy the need for attention you so desperately crave. Solution: Yoga at Union Square in tights.

And boy-howdy, does it pay off! And the satisfaction you get from a hundred Peepers all peepin' you between your legs, down your shirt, and straight through one hole and out the other, is a satisfaction comparable to nothing else!

The only thing it could possibly compare to would be like havin' all the perverts at Union Square ogling you at once while you pretend you're doing it for health reasons. That's as close as you can get.

Photo by Normal Bob

The Everything Skater.
The dorag, hat to the side, earring and black skin says: "50 Cent."

The Ramones tee, and about a third of that spiked bracelet says: "Punkrock."

The other two-thirds of that bracelet and the black leather motorcycle glove with the fingers cut out says: "Graver."

And the pants, shoes and skateboard say: "Skater."
These are all the ingredients necessary for an Everything Skater.

Photo by Normal Bob

I thought it was just common knowledge that you do not mix pink and orange. Those are two colors that clash no matter how you arrange 'em.

I don't care if you got a fucking bachelor's degree from The Gypsy Fashion Academy of the Arts! There is no one who can pull off those two colors together! So ya gotta either lose the pink or lose the orange, and in this particular case I suppose it's the orange that hasta stay.

Photo by Normal Bob

Last but not least, I found this sad, Emo Scenester mopin' on the steps at Union Square and I asked him why he was so sad. All he replied was "I'm emo because I wasn't one of the iPod dancers picked to be a model in their ads."
Poor emotional Scenester. :(

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