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Photo by Normal Bob

Welcome back to Union Square and another long-awaited page of Amazing Strangers! Everybody gather 'round, open your eyes wide, and prepare to be dazzled! Here it comes! Are you ready? Okay, start... looking... right... now!!

Photo of billboard on the corner of Broadway & Houston, NYC, by Normal Bob

For the record, this is precisely how me and my atheist buddies look when we pretend to be praying for the AIDS patients. Only we don't look this sarcastic.

Photo by Normal Bob

Nothing like after 20 minutes of hand claps, step outs, and bunny hops than a desparate sucking down of cigarettes.

Photo by Normal Bob

I think what many of you miss is the reason why I am fascinated by the people that appear here on Amazing Strangers. The reason I post what I do is because I relate! I understand the mentality.  There's a compartment for your colored markers, and another compartment for your cell phone, and you can hang your roller blades off each side, and you even got a separate holder for your water container. And it all fits, each thing in its own easy to grasp location, with NO MORE MESS!

The difference is that I'm just able to keep myself from acting on everyone of these brain glitches... at least for another 8 years or so.

Photo by Normal Bob

Oh look! It's a Yankees fan who's not an undercover cop.

Photo by Normal Bob

The last resort of a Graver. I feel for ya buddy. I feel for ya.

Photo by Normal Bob

Everyone knows now. Come to Union Square, interview its residents, make a show.

My secret's out.

Movie by Normal Bob

What can I say. I wasn't nearly this confident when I was his age. But I never had a cool uncle who played electric guitar either.

  Movie by Normal Bob

And then it happened, emerging from the crowd like a dancing version of the Human Beatbox. Striding out into center square, owning the crowd with his every move, dazzling them with moves that aren't expected from someone so extremely Caucasian.

And it moved through him like it moved through us all. Up from the bottoms of his feet, through the spinal column (as you'll see) and right out the tips of his thumb and pinky finger (in a hammer motion). And we stood there, awestruck, with only one thing to be said. "Hey... This guy's got it!"

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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