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Okay, here's the deal. When I upload photos from my camera to my computer I separate out anything that could be considered any sort of Amazing Stranger at all and I put it in another folder titled "Amazing Strangers" that's inside the folder. Then when I'm ready to finally build a page of Amazing Strangers for all of you I go to that folder and pick the best ones and make a page.

So as it happens, my camera has been on the fritz these last few weeks and I haven't been taking pictures like I used to. I will be getting a new camera probably by the end of the week, but until then I thought I'd try making a page out of all the leftovers - the rejects that've been pushed aside for the last year or so. Maybe the page'll suck, or maybe it'll be the greatest page of Amazing Strangers ever! You decide.

Photo by Normal Bob

Skater Bob kept sayin' to me, "Take a picture! Take a picture!" (That's his shoulder on the left.) Afterwards he told me that I had to get a picture of the homeless Guardian Angels they're recruiting. I was never quite sure if this picture really sold the idea, but it does appear that the dress code for protecting New Yorkers is a lot more lax than in years past.

Photo by Normal Bob

I think my only hang up with these two is I didn't know what category they belonged to. Are they Gravers? Is that a punk rocker? Is their common ground Raving? Graving?

I just know that each time I opened up that folder and got to this picture my head hurt trying to figure it out.

Photo by Normal Bob

Okay, clearly I took this picture because he's a pirate. I think the reason he never quite made it to Amazing Strangers was because part of me just wrote him off as being Scandinavian, and no one really cares about them. I mean, it's like going to a Star Trek convention and making fun of the nerds. It's too obvious. Move on.

Photo by Normal Bob

Yeah so this is a perfect example of a picture I never got around to posting because I just wasn't sure what to say. I mean, it's clear why I took the photograph, but it's hard to put into words exactly why. You know? It's a stubby guy. An upbeat stubby tough guy? What do you say? I don't know. Help me out here!

Photo by Normal Bob

This is one I kept lookin' over because sometimes I think I'm the only one who finds this shit funny. I mean, I love that the idea behind the shirts is to prevent anyone getting separated from the group during their walk through the big city, but then how zero consideration is given to it making them total marks. I mean, who out there doesn't want to go up and try to sell 'em dope, make fun of their shorts, and push the bald guy around just to dehumanize him in front of the kids?
I know it had me chompin' at the bit.

Photo by Skater Bob

Skater Bob ran after these three because they were all doing the Mallgrab, and they looked like they should be doing the Mallgrab. However the picture was ruined for me when he told me they were all from Spain. Is the Mallgrab as funny if they're from Spain? I dunno. To me it's not.

Photo by Normal Bob

So this guy, to me, takes Peepers' place when Peepers isn't around. I call this one "Peepers Jr." And my favorite part about Peepers Jr is his face.

Photo by Normal Bob

This is the face Peepers Jr has all the time! And nothing's more priceless than the exact right face when you're walkin' around tryin' to peek up girls skirts. And this guy's got it.

Photo by Normal Bob

This guy was a regular around Union this last spring, and then he kinda vanished come summer. I titled him The Dancin' Dweeb because he's always dancin' around and beggin' for change. He's like a theater kid high school dropout who's found himself in the real world with no source of income and way too much time on his hands.

Anyhow, one last thing worth mentioning about him. A friend of ours, Dorothy kicked his ass when he was being a dumbfuck to her. But that Band-Aid on his forehead is from someone else kickin' his ass for bein' a dumbfuck.

Photo by my brother in Chicago

And finally, my brother sent me this one from Chicago. He said the second he saw him coming he got out his camera and started snappin', but that it wasn't until the guy was close up that the real horror made itself known. Click the image and see for yourself.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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