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Photo by Normal Bob

It's here! It's here! Spring has hit the city in full force, shooting all of its brightly colored candies out onto the pavement like Mother Nature busted her pinata.

Movie by Normal Bob

Describing the scene just doesn't do it justice. So instead I shot this quick little video yesterday to give you an idea of all I'm raving about.

Photo by Normal Bob

And I wasn't alone. It was in the air. Everywhere you turned you could just feel it wafting on your face like the world had magically transformed into a beautiful butterfly!

It was obvious people were feeling the same way I felt. Some even had that feeling written on their chest! some form or another.

Photo by Normal Bob

Now, I'm too restrained. I admit to that. But there were those at the park who acted out precisely what I was feeling inside! They hopped and jumped about, pretending to be in some important sports competition and scoring the winning points!

Photo by Normal Bob

Some of them even come prepaired with harmonicas and welcomed in Springtime at Union Square with song and dance, and even more sports pantomiming.

Photo by Skater Bob

What's Springtime without all the skater boy models that come to Union Square with their portfolios looking to make dreams happen!

Photo by Skater Bob

Skater Bob: "Can I take your picture?"
Hitler Mustache Guy: "Sure. Why?"
Skater Bob: "Because I love your mustdache! Do lots of people comment on it?"
Hitler Mustache Guy: "Yeah, all the time."
Skater Bob: "Do you ever get compliments on it?"
Hitler Mustache Guy: "No."

Movie by Normal Bob

Okay, so this video is going to need a little bit of an explanation. What you're about to see is video of Bird Call Man, and as any Lower Manhattan local knows about Bird Call Man, he's quite simply a guy who for the last decade or so walks up and down these city streets makin' bird calls. That's it.

Bird Call Man.

Movie by Normal Bob

This is Dennis the Menace! He is by far my most favorite No Police State Coalition member. I've always thought of Dennis as Robert Deniro's "Taxi Driver" character 25 years later. That's Dennis, and he's the essence of whatever it is that I think makes Union Square what it is. Or part of it. Christ. Watch the video, you'll see what I mean!

Photo by Normal Bob

Seriously, I can't keep up with this day! I realize that she's already made an appearance on this page, but now it's not about her! It's about him! No, wait, it's about them both! Shit, I don't know any more! It's too much! I'm almost out of breath...

Photo by Normal Bob

Oh yeah, and you can be sure it's Springtime at Union Square beach when the lifeguard slumps over into a junkie-nod and he does not see his shadow.

Spring has returned along with my smile.

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