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Scary Egyptian

Photo by Normal Bob

I saw this guy last year and when I missed my opportunity to take a picture of his shirt I thought sure I'd lost my only chance. But he's back! And in case you haven't figured out what it says I'll give you a hint:


And if there's any mystery, today I saw him wearing another tee that said, "100% Egyptian," so if that answers the question you had, then there you go. If not, well then there you have it anyhow.

The Tired Prostitue

Photo by Normal Bob

I didn't know what to say then, and she didn't have anything more to say afterwards, and I don't gotta say anything in addition to this right now.

Girls are Cute

Photo by Normal Bob

Christ, girls are cute. I mean, they're really too fuckin' adorable. And don't start thinkin' I mean that in some creepy perverted sense, because even a blind Japanese eunich would agree that little waver-punk chicks are freakin' eye-candy for the spirit. In fact, you could put out two and a half hours of just audio of whatever they'd be talking about there and I'd buy it on disk before downloading it off Limewire just to support the cause.

That's how strongly I feel about it.

Photo by Normal Bob

You really can't go wrong if you're keepin' it old skool. It's the way it should be.

Photo by Normal Bob

So yeah, I suppose that if you're a pirate you only gotta use one hand, which I suppose works out perfectly if you got a hook. But either way, you know?

Movie by Normal Bob

Listen. If you're marching in a demonstration and you find yourself droning along with the chanting of some faceless amplified voice from the sky, then you're a tool. They put a plate of it in front of you and you swallowed it whole without even reading the side of the box. What you need to do now is step away from the circle, put your sign face down on the ground and disappear into the crowd. Because trust me, right now you're making me side with those guilty Turkish whoevers.

Photo by Skater Bob

This is the Garbageman. He's appeared on the site before, but he really hasn't gotten the attention paid that he deserves.

And he deserves it because he is out at Union Square every fucking day in this sort of outfit screamin' and yellin' and shadow boxin' and karate kickin' and whatever else he can think of to make people wanna take his picture.

Photo by Skater Bob

Then after the person takes his picture he wants to be paid.

In these pictures the Garbageman is pouting because we're taking his picture and he knows that we're not gonna pay for it.

Most of the time however he'll hassle the hell out of anyone who snaps-n-stiffs, but he sees us every day at Union and knows it ain't worth puttin' up the fight.

Photo by Skater Bob

And the other reason he knows not to bother with us is because he's not crazy at all. He pretends he is, but he's totally regular with really very little to say that's of any interest. I know he doesn't look it, but that's the sad reality of the Garbageman.

He's just a guy makin' clothes out of garbage and annoying everyone for money without anything to say.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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