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Lately, I've been coming to terms with the fact that I have some serious issues with some of the folks at Union Square. And for one reason or another I have purposely avoided posting certain ones in my Amazing Strangers despite how "amazing" they are. With some of them it's because of fear, others it's a complete lack of respect, and for a select few it's simply a pure, murderous hatred! So I hope you enjoy these as much as I don't.

Photo by Normal Bob

This is L.E.S. Jewels. He's a newlywed! No kiddin'. Just a few weeks prior to this picture being taken Jewels got married! Click here to see pics from his wedding!

So anyhow, Jewels has been a sore on the ass of the East Village for the past 15 years or so, getting more and more infected as time goes on. He regularly harasses everyone he can get within 20 feet of and I've even been so lucky as to witness him jerking off while crying, sitting on someone's front step, while the lady who lived there waited for him to finish so she could take in her groceries.

Jewels is one big fucking mess, and I have avoided posting him on my site because he has the ability to make any person's life in the E. Village one living hell on earth. If you don't believe me click here and see for yourself.


6 foot 7 inch jew
Photo by Normal Bob

This is the 6 foot, 7 inch Jew. He's a spiritual healer, free-style rapper, worldly guru savant and pretty much an over-all saviour to mankind When I took this picture he was in the middle of a staring contest that he started with this girl whom he'd never met before. He walked up with his sign, started staring her in the eye, she stared back, and it began. During the contest he was also humming loudly and periodically waving his arms around like he was swatting flies in slow motion, all while never stopping the staring at each other.


This is a picture of him first starting the "contest" with the said stranger.

Oddly, I have been asked on more than a few occasions by several of my friends why I have a problem with this guy. This hippie-guy who free-style raps, heals people by humming spiritually, and starts staring contests with girls he's never met, and then asks if he can sleep on their sofa. A guy who gets this reaction from the people who sit near to him [click here].

I say, if you gotta ask then I have to question whether I should be your friend anymore as well.

black isrealites
Photo by Normal Bob

These are the Black Israelites of NYC and they are the fucking scariest mother fuckers ever. They hate you faggots, you sluts, you white-devils, you Christians, pagans, Americans, voters, niggers, japs, spics, Jews, KKK, AAA, little kids and their dollies. Who do they like? Umm, Native Americans and Slaves. That's it. Everyone else is out. Sorry.

Movie by Normal Bob

Here a clip of them showcasing a collage of gay porn they made and telling Christians that the God they worship is Guns, Oil and Drugs!

Movie by Normal Bob

So if you wanna see the Twelve Tribes of the Black Israelites of NYC they're often shouting really, really loudly on a megaphone in front of Wholefoods just across the street from Union Square South. Come by any time!

Movie by Normal Bob

Oh god. This guy has been coming to Union Square for the last several months dressed in this outfit tryin' to get noticed whatever way that he can. The only thing he does with that microphone is carry it around saying things like "Come on!" and "Hey!" and "Whatcha thinking about that!"

What's even funnier is I've seen him come to Union on his "days off" in his civilian clothes scopin' out the park and telling frieds he's withabout what he does here, laughin' and carryin' on.

Now he'd be easier to like if everyone at Union hated him or ignored him. But fact is, they fucking love it. This is their favorite guy and he's doing just what they'd all hoped a guy like him would do to that music at Union Square!

Gah. And now he's on my site. See what you went and made me do!??!

Photo by Normal Bob

Casper - President of the Gravers.

See that guy there without the shirt on? That's Casper, and he's the only guy that all the Gravers agree is their leader and hero of all the Gravers everywhere. Every single one of the Gravers thinks he's King Graver, and he even has his own personal bodyguards to protect him from his enemies (see pic above). Casper also gets any single girl he wants. See that girl he's talking to there? She wants him, and he's there simply deciding whether or not he's gonna make her day.

However, unfortunately for Casper, everything I just said here is bullshit. He's like 30 years old, has a kid, sleeps on a park bench, is very very doughy, and smells like Aundre The Giant's armpit, as it is this very moment.

Photo by Normal Bob

And these ones claim on their shirt that they don't like guys who are models. To translate, what this means in their language is that instead they like really, really good looking guys who aren't actually models.

the grizwalds
Photo by Normal Bob

The Grizwalds, because, well shit – everyone hates them.

Photo by Normal Bob

Long Island Meathead Douchebags.

No, these guys aren't gay. That's how they really dress, and this is what the look like when they go around picking up on women. That guy in the middle LOVES TO CUDDLE, and that guy on the left is the same one who had the "I'll eat your children. Praise Allah" shirt on. And I think that guy on the right is some smaller guy that they're picking a fight with. Whatever it is you can understand why I avoid them at all costs.

blowjob girl
Photo by Normal Bob

In fact, come to think of it, the only Union Square Amazing Strangers that I do like a whole super lot is the Free Blowjob Girl. And I don't need to waste any of your time explainin' why.

So that's it. Great. Now all of the people on this page are going to get together, pool their money and have my back raked. All so you can get your entertainment! Happy???

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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