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Movie by Normal Bob

Last Sunday there was a punk show in Tompkins Square Park, and it brought everyone out to party all day long.

And when the slam dancing stopped this guy was still standin', dancing to nothing, even way after everyone went home and the stage was dismantled and driven away in a truck.

Photo by Normal Bob

So it turns out that at this particular show the cutest fuckin' punker in the universe showed up and just made herself pretty much too cute for eyes to behold, and certainly too cute to have any sort of competition.

If you were to have asked me the day before yesterday if there was any way to successfully merge parts of a raver into punk rock I would have poured down on you all the fury of my "Authentic Punk" rant until your chin was resting on the tops of your feet.

But now.... Now I have been proven a fool.

Photos by Normal Bob

Then, to drive the point home even further, the cutest punker in the universe started givin' an evil eye to none other than the lamest punker in the universe.

It's hard to believe that in the Wikipedia definition of "Punk" both of these fall under the same catagory, and yet the difference appears as if it might lead to one helluvan eye-gouging catfight!

Really fantastic.

Photo by Normal Bob

Mark my words. Next year all the kids will be on these things. You just watch.

Photo by Normal Bob

I see this girl wondering around every outdoor show in town, always dressed like this trashy slut and always in a zombie trance, like she never quite came down from her last X trip a few years back.

But I have to give it to her, she's got the best fuckin' posture I've ever seen at Tompkins... which really isn't as much of a compliment as I meant it to be. Has anyone ever considered that maybe Ecstasy is so bad for your spine that it's actually good? Like how too much spider poison can make you Spiderman? Might be worth lookin' into. Seriously. She's like the superhero of posture. I mean, look at the size of that backpack! It's not getting away with even an inch!

Video by Normal Bob

I know that I am expected to have a certain amount of love and compassion for my fellow man, but sometimes they just push it too far. I knew this guy looked familiar! A year or so ago I posted him with the dancing dweeb making a mess of a Bob Marley favorite. Now he's got back-up and a whole deal with his lead guitarist and the whatever the fuck.

I'm sorry, but if the hand-gestures are your main thing and the actual singing, tune-keeping, and style don't come until 10th or 12th on the list, just get used to the park, buddy. That's gonna be your bedroom for a few winters.

Photos by Normal Bob

These are Peace Boots. I know this because around the brim it says Shalom and down each side and acoss the toe it says PEACE.

peac eboots

In terms of fashion, this is the price we must pay for peace. And as you can plainly see, it's just not worth it.

Photo by Normal Bob

All right, I know that by now it looks like I spent the whole day takin' pictures of young girls but I promise you I don't make a habit out of it! And anyhow, how am I supposed to not take these pictures when they're walkin' around with gaping holes in the ass of their pants and dirty panties showin' through that??

Photo by Normal Bob

And finally, imagine how it must feel to think you've been totally punk-rock to the fucking core with everyone you knew in Tokyo telling you how bad ass you are in your studs and animal prints, then you get to Tompkins Square Park and see your first crusty-punks without a one of them in a leopard-sequined sun-visor, pink-laced tennies, or anything from Hot Topic at all!

"You keep wearing the pants even after you pooped them?"
Her entire world has been blown.

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