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Dog Molester

Photo by Normal Bob

So I've been havin' strangers comin' up to me at the video rental askin' how the Dog Molester's been and if I've seen him around at all lately. Truth is, yeah, I've been seeing him around still quite a bit, but he ain't lookin' so good.

The Dog Molester's been finding out the hard way that people aren't so willing to let you pet their dogs when you got a rope for a belt and dirty sweats you gotta keep pullin' up, and your bottom set of dentures is lost.

So kids, heed this warning: if you've been considering following the Dog Molester's lead and taking the bestiality full time out in public, don't come cryin' to me when you're stinky and homeless sleepin' in the park with smelly teeth.


Movie by Normal Bob

Welcome "Way Of The Master" Christians to Union Square! One of the things I love so much about New York City (Union Square especially), is that Christians just can't cut a break here. And the "Way Of The Masters" are the most deserving- with their emphasis on how dirty-awful-evil we all scumbuckets are.

Movie by Normal Bob

It's just so much fun. And they get worked up into such a madness that there's no convincing anyone at that point.

hindus live in darkness
Movie by Normal Bob

Their outlook is simply that the rest of the world lives in darkness. That's me shouting "Hindus live in darkness!" in case the people needed clarification.
I love these moments.


Photo by Normal Bob

This is Roman. Roman loooovvves attention. Oh, he just eats it up! And he'll take the opposing position to whatever you've got just to antagonize you and waste your time. In fact, Roman likes attention so much that I know he won't mind me writing this bit about him here like I am now and even makin' fun of his disguise which, if he really meant anything he said or did he wouldn't need to do it all under a wig and shades.

Photo by Normal Bob

Now that other guy, the one there interviewing him, is Renat Zarbailov of It's an intriguing site, definitely worth spending an hour or two there watching people from around the world give their opinion about what's true and then dancing.

Roman, on the other hand, cares not about what's true, nor dancing.

•Roman's blog•
Photo by Normal Bob

If you were ever wondering what type of person it is that idolizes David Copperfield, this is he, meditating on things extremely magical, here at Union Square.

Also, homeless.

lamepu/hot babe
Photo by Normal Bob

Hottie with a shaven, crippled puppy.

Movie by Normal Bob

Another of the Amazing Strangers that people regularly inquire about is Bill from way back on page 12. He had disappeared for a couple years, and I'd only see him walking quickly through the park mumbling to himself and digging through the garbage for a free newspaper. But he's back, ranting and raving up and down the Square, only now no one really pays any attention to him.

Sucks to be Bill.

Photo by Normal Bob

Right around this time of the year a whole lotta Euro-trash shows up, and they've got their own style that maybe isn't as obvious the first coupla times ya see it.

But then you start to notice the sort of tweaked yuppy-tennis-pro thing and from then on it'll grab your eye like a rusty fishhook...

Photo by Normal Bob

...and drag it around in circles a few times through broken glass and a wasps nest, then it'll shove it back in your socket with the butt of a rifle.

That's how Euro-trash strikes my delicate eye palette now.

Movie by Normal Bob

Then finally there's this.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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