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Photo by Normal Bob CAUTION

I'd like to think that sometimes, every so often, my Amazing Strangers section provides a helpful service to the community, and perhaps society as a whole. In this particular instance I feel there's been a particular act of bravery on my part, because it hasn't been until just recently, since I've acquired a camera with a x12 zoom, that I've had the courage enough to photograph the guy who Skater Bob & I refer to as "The Psychopath with the Triangle Hair."


The Psycho w/the Triangle Hair has been harassing young girls in the Manhattan area for at least 4 years, but only just recently took on the Graver look he's spotin' here.

The first time I bore witness to P.T.H. was approximately 4 years ago outside the Starbucks on Astor Place where he asked a girl for the time, started a conversation, then when she tried to leave he grabbed her arm so she could not. I could see the bit of panic in her eyes and a few seconds later yanked her arm away to which he tried to snatch it again, as she quickly fled the scene.

After than incident I'd tried several times to take his picture but his crazy-eye made me cower in each of my attempts. Then, months later when I was hangin' out with Venessa (my photographer at the time) she tried to get a picture of him and he came over to our table and, with the same evil eye, made no bones about his complete lack of respect for human life, especially that of a woman. He spoke it in Spanish to Venessa so I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was enough.

So that's the Psycho w/the Triangle Hair. And ladies, if you see him approach you, RUN!!!

Photo by Normal Bob

See the Middle Eastern guy there in the propeller beanie? That's Ram (pronounced "rom"), and I first became aware of Ram when a girlfriend of mine got cornered by him and a buddy while she was smokin' a cigarette outside alone. It actually took a guy from the outside to get her out of the corner safely away from them both. He's since been 86ed from the coffeeshop that happened outside of, but the stories don't end there.

Now, somehow Ram ended up at a party some of the teenage guys from Alt Coffee were throwing. And story has it that at one point Ram was talking to one of the 17 year old guys, leaned in as if to say something in his ear, but instead kissed him on the cheek. Now Ram argues that their faces simply bumped into each other when the kid moved unexpectedly, and I might have at one time given Ram the benefit of the doubt if I didn't always witness him searching out teenage boys everywhere I see him attempting to touch them however possible.

But this propeller beanie approach tops everything, and couldn't illustrate the man more perfectly! He started this last year and apparently it worked so well as a conversation starter it's made it into the rotation!

Christ I love my new camera.

Movie by Normal Bob

So this is seriously what a Peeper does. They plan it out, think it through, then make the time to come to Union Square with the only goal of finding a girl in a skirt to stand in front of to steal glances of her panties. That's it! No regard for obviousness or shame or dignity. Just standing there a few feet away staring. It's so neat! Just stare and stare and glance away and stare some more and stare for as long as you can, every once in a while looking around casually, periodically glancing down at a cellphone to pretend they've got somewhere else to be or something, all the while just biding time until the next glance of panties. Walk right up in front of the girls you spot in skirts, stand your position, and just stand there and stare.

"Oh god, panties! There's panties there! Oh Christ, panties! Wait, she closed her legs. Look for more panties somewhere.. oh! She opened them again! Panties, panties, panties! Sweet panties! God I love panties! More panties!"

Now it'd be only a little fascinating if it was just this guy, but he's not alone! Wait until 3:22 seconds into the clip and see that there's others. Now there's 3! One on the far left, our guy in the middle and one right over his left shoulder, all with the same goal.

Do you suppose they get together at some point and share stories, like "I saw this one girl's panties and they were so hot! I just stood there for like a half hour and stared at those sweet panties! Man, they were fucking panties, right there, where I could barely see, but I could see them! What about you? What were the panties like where you were peeping?"

And I'm not talking just a few minutes of creepy gawking, but hours will go by and this is all they do, all day long!! Just peeping, looking around, peeping, peeping, looking to the right, then the left, more peeping, peep peep, peep, look around, all the time! Not talking to anyone or thinking about anything else. Just peeping panties! That's their hobby. That's it. All over the place, all day long, dozens of 'em at Union Square South. Come see for yourself! You feel the same satisfaction Jane Goodall musta felt.

Photo by Normal Bob

"When you're like, a model in New York City, you're like so overwhelmed by all the stuff, and people around make it hard to walk normal a lot of the time, and sometimes just taking off and putting on your sunglasses can make you forget how to turn around, and at the same time having to just BE a model off the clock can be a lot to handle all at once!"

"It's all really difficult, so don't think it's easy, like, being a model, 'cause it's not."

"Hey, has anyone seen where the the ground keeps disappearing to?"

Photos by Normal Bob

Been wonderin' who's gonna be the next big mediocre hip-hop artist putting out mediocre rap music on extremely mediocre albums? It's gonna be this guy here with the mediocre babes and the mediocre paparazzi all working together to propagate the most mediocre musical revolution you could possibly imagine!

Photo by Normal Bob

Thank god for fag-hags and their homos. Each one brings something to the table for the other, both of them sorta fucking up just enough to mess it up for everyone involved.

I can almost assure you that without her he wouldn't be quite as bad off as this, and without him she wouldn't have accidentally done the mistake she's done here. But together they both made it happen, one for the other, and all for one.

Never forget it's a treat for us all, and teamwork made it happen.

Movie by Normal Bob

When someone's knit picking about what annoys them on my website, there's nothing that rubs it in even more than having some lady dancing to the sound of it.


Photo by Normal Bob

Graver love!

Photo by Normal Bob

And thus, another trend declares itself over, just as trends tend to do in one horrifying moment exactly like this one.

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