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Red Coat

Photo by Normal Bob

We all remember a time when we were 15 and we saw the coat that was going to change our life. Mine was and IOU brand jean jacket. I thought it was the coolest jean jacket ever created by man! It had IOU patches all over it, embroidered seals that said things like "IOU Team #1" and"CLUB IOU" and it had big baggy sleeves and an acid-washed worn-in look, the smallest 80s style collar, and was only like $200! I bought it, wore it once, got made fun of all day, then purposely lost it in the back of my closet.

This kid's been wearin' his every day this week.

Go-go Gal

Photo by Normal Bob

Then there's the female of the species who no matter what doesn't seem to make the same mistakes. They find the clothes that no matter how crazy the idea may seem on the hanger, not only wear fucking perfect, but surpass anything anyone else is doing as far as the outfit can be seen, then top it off by knowing it.


Photo by Normal Bob

Here's a fun game. Try to find something in this picture that doesn't scream out "2 douchebags!"

Time's up. You lose.

Unrelenting Peeper

Photo by Normal Bob
One single photograph doesn't illustrate the passage of time that occurs from the second a peeper sits down to when the female finally flees the park, His unrelenting gaze, the shuffling and shifting of positions of the girl being peeped, her disbelief that it's happening as blatantly as it is, his continuing stare, on and on for 10, 20, 30, as many minutes as a human can endure until she's finally had enough and exits the zone of his beady stare while he watches her disappear into the crowd, then onto the next pair of legs.

Old Skool

Photo by Normal Bob
Here we go! It took it's time getting here but it's finally arrived. It's not yet 100% (these ones couldn't really dance) but it's a fantastic start.

Photo by Normal Bob

All they need to do is ditch the guy in the middle trying to fake it with only a necklace and they'll be perfect enough for me.


Photo by Skater Bob

Further studies of "Nests."

Queer Fight Club

Movie by Normal Bob

See, the difference here in NYC compared to other parts of the US is that the crazies are such a usual part of daily life even during something like the Union Square Friday Night FightClub. The guys there unconsciously realize they're more on his turf then he is on theirs.

In Idaho or Michigan or Colorado he'd have no one to spar with. But here he's just another dude.

Dancing Crackhead

Movie by Normal Bob
My favorite part of when the yuppies bring their musical talents to Union Square is the dancing crackheads.
Leaning Peeper

Photo by Skater Bob

Have I run it into the ground yet, or are the peepers still as entertaining as they are prevalent? Because, Christ, they ain't going anywhere!

Skater Bob says he hopes whatever it is I'm doing here will make 'em abandon Union Sq because they're absolute girl-repellent. They stare until each one walks away. You can actually watch the evolution of the ratio of girls vs guys evolve right before your eyes. The peepers zigzag throughout the park until they've picked off every girl one at a time, then they do one last walk-through to make sure the park is clean, then leave it a sausage party.

It's like they've been sent in by some mega-efficient military run agency who's gotten female elimination down to an exact science.

Read my blog on Myspace about the mounting tensions between the Peepers of Union Square and me!

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