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Union Square Fight

Video by Normal Bob

This Free-Speech Rally at Union Square turned into a racewar when a black guy punched a white guy in the face.

A second run through of the actual altercation exposes how many cowards were involved. The tall guy who the punch was originally meant for flees after seeing his friend getting punched, and the guy who gets punched is the smaller of the two.

Union Square Bath

Photos by Normal Bob
Would you take a bath in a puddle at Union Square for $50?
This guy would.
He even allowed interviews afterwards. Unfortunately no interview was done 20 minutes after the bath which he didn't get to rinse off, just putting on his clothes over the wet, soapy water then hanging around the park, the soap seeping and drying and itching through his clothes. That's the interview I woulda wanted.
"Chickey" by Skater Bob

Photos by Normal Bob
"When I was growing up and did something really stupid my friends would beat my ass and constantly make fun of me for the rest of the week. This Union Square scumbag gets a jailhouse tattoo that says "Chickey" and expects people not to make fun of him. And when you do make fun of him instead of him sucking it up like a man and claiming his faults he gets bent out of shape like a little pussy and threatens you with his boney fist and tells you not to disrespect him. If he did have some kind of respect for himself he would clean up his act and cover up the Chickey tattoo.

This guy is a fucking idiot. If you look like fucking Bozo the Clown don't expect people to treat you like the president. But what do you expect from a low life that hangs out at Union Square?

I later found out Chickey is his old lady (that's what Union Square scumbags refer to their girlfriends as).

Skater Bob w/Chickey

Anyway, I don't know about you but I would definitely have second thoughts about fucking some rag doll named Chickey. By her name it really sounds like she has every std in the goddamn book. I'd rather stick my dick into a gloryhole filled with thorn bushes than stick it into a junkie bitch named Chickey. To make matters even worse these scumbags bred 3 kids. Ten to one they're a bunch of mongo retards living in shelters. But guess what? They're laughing at us right now because we are the idiots paying for their wealth. I have to admit I was laughing at first, but once I found out about the mongo children now I'm laughing last.

There is no justice in this country when you have scumbags at Union Square roaming around while you support their kids."

Skater Bob

Crazy the Barbarian
Photo by Normal Bob
There's really very little else to say. Watch the video for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Video by Normal Bob
Cellphone Peeper

Photo by Normal Bob

Jesus Christ! Even after all these guys are made fully aware of the site and the spectacle they're being made they still proudly peep! They even try to stare me down while they lurk but can't really keep any sort of eye contact at all, unless it's a pair of panties starin' back.

Don't they understand they show their entire hand as runts of the litter?

Have no doubt, people, that the peepers socialize with each other. They are a community at Union Square who exchange ideas, share stories among themselves and appreciate the companionship of their fellow peepers. It's shocking but intriguing developments this study of Peepers has revealed to me.

Come to Union Sq. So. and see for yourself. There's no shame, courage, or accounting for dignity even attempted. It's a badge of honor, in the tribe called Peepers.


Photo by Normal Bob
I'm no idiot. This is the coolest guy I've ever seen at the park and I got nothing more to say on the matter.

Photo by Normal Bob
Approximately $2.50 worth of cans. Maybe $3. Maybe.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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