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Biker Lady

Video by Normal Bob

One of the latest rumors circulating around New York City is about this gang of biker chicks on these 3-wheeled scooter thingies tearin' up the streets, claiming territory, and roving around through some of the darkest, most dangerous corners of the city taking territory from local gangs spreading their rage like a wild fire burning through a paper jungle.

I got dangerously close to videotape this one, and I still get chills up my spine when I look back at how close I actually got to one of their members.

American Apparel Girl

Photo by Normal Bob

Oh summer in New York City! My heart fills with both dread and glee, especially now that girls are not only shopping at American Apparel but mimicking what they're seeing in the ads to an almost pornographic degree.

It was my girlfriend who shouted out "Get her picture!" then afterwards said she wanted a pair too.

Thank you American Apparel.

Free-ballin' Paul Revere

Photo by Normal Bob
This is "Paul Revere," of Union Square. Paul has made three other appearances on Amazing Strangers before this one. This is the forth.

Portrait Peepers

Photo by Normal Bob
There's a new Peeper on the block, and he's the Portrait Peeper, and all the other peepers know to keep their eye on the Portrait Peeper and line up behind wherever he plops down to draw a skirted-girl's portrait!

Photo by Normal Bob

It's quite basic, really. He spots girls in skirts to draw, sits a couple steps below them and sets up shop for a good 20-30 minute peep! Here there's three other peepers lined up in a row feeding off of the Portrait Peepers discovery.

Read more about the Peepers of Union Square here!

Party Crashing the Christians

Video by Normal Bob

Last week the Christians came out from Texas and Florida and other parts of the southern United States and they came here to save New Yorkers from eternal damnation in the pits of hell. Wonderfully, there were many great hecklers and non believing party crashers to play them at their own game.

This first one is the spitting image of Tom Cruise from Magnolia. Tell me he's not riveting!

Video by Normal Bob

And this guy is Junior, and there's little to say that you can't see for yourself in the video.

The Race Card is a brilliant card for trumping religious pompousness. See for yourself.

The Dog Molester

Photos by Normal Bob
A while back I mentioned Union Square's mascot, The Dog Molester, and he loves cute boy doggies!
He loves to kiss them and pet them...
...and pinch them...
..and sniff them and smell their smells all over his hand. He just can't get enough of 'em!

Video by Normal Bob

He'll even walk right up and scoop up your pup and smother him in sweet, sweet Dog Molester kisses until your darling little doggy cowers and cries.

You have not seen the last of The Dog Molester.

Jersey Twins

Photo by Normal Bob
If you haven't figured out what it means to be a girl from Jersey yet, here's two to make it perfectly clear.
Pinkeye Peeper

Photo by Normal Bob
What truer justice is there than pinkeye for peepers?

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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