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Garbage Collector

Photo by Normal Bob

Goin' around collecting the garbage people throw away.

This is exactly who I would have turned out to be if the Internet had never been invented, minus the tie dye.

Instant Go Go

Photo by Normal Bob

This was the girl's first night on the job gogo dancing at a club about 8 blocks away. I took these photos out front of the store, Gothic Renaissance, where she'd just purchased the outfit, with still about 3 hours before she had to show up for work.

So from about 8 to 11pm she hung around lower Manhattan on 8th St milling about and wasting time before clocking in.

You can do that here.

Gunned-down Junky

Photo by Normal Bob

All over New York's East Village junkies are getting gunned down in broad daylight. There's no rhyme or reason to it, just random shootings at all hours of the day, each one a junky.

First there's a shot! Then the junky sways back and forth without falling for about 3 and a half to 4 hours, sometimes even wondering around browsing shops and eating ice cream sundaes not even realizing the condition they're in.

Then, slowly, a fixed object is found to lean against and the junky uses it to sink down gradually to the ground until he/she's fully collapsed in a heap on the street. Then between 5 & 7 on weekday evenings the dumptrucks come to collect 'em and haul them off to the factories to be ground into pet food.

Saint Marks Gate Keeper

Photo by Normal Bob

Anyone who's walked down Saint Marks more than a few times has seen this lady and her equally, bloated, confused & deteriorating poodle.

They both come out onto the steps to absorb their necessary dosages of sun rays up until the poodle (who always finishes first) retreats backup the steps to breath heavily in front of the door, silently protesting its own continued exposure to the living world.

Seeing them together on such a regular basis its obvious they've got a rent controlled apartment that'd bring you to your knees in a pool of jealous drool.

Americanized Swedes

Photo by Normal Bob
Americanized Swedish male humans.
Han Solo's brother Greg

Photo by Normal Bob

Not too many people know about Han Solo's kid brother, Greg.

Greg Solo never led the heroic, adventurous life of his brother. He did not have a Millennium Falcon. He had a Honda. He had no Wookie copilot. Greg had a Yorkie, and it rode in the basket sometimes. But Greg Solo could bowl. Greg Solo could bowl far better than Han.

If a humiliating defeat in bowling would have destroyed Darth Vader and his evil Empire then Greg would have been the hero. Not Han.
This, however, was not the case for Greg Solo, whose last name went on to characterize the less desirable outcome of a social life.

Pathetic Lying Begger-lady

Video by Normal Bob

For the last several weeks this lady has been walking around Union Square panhandling "because her purse was just stolen and it had her bus ticket in it."
A few days before we'd called her out on her lie and she went on to tell us that this is her job.

On this particular occasion Richie (the guy she's talking to) started shouting to her from across the park "Hey bus ticket lady! Do you still need money for a bus ticket?!? Did you get your bus ticket yet?!?!" because he's heard her "stolen bus ticket" story at least a dozen times. So she came over to explain why she's doing this, and it's so that she can get a place to live for her and her husband... by lying about a stolen purse for people's pocket change.

Joker Scenester

Video by Normal Bob

BLACK KNIGHT FUCKING ROCKED! I seriously loved it and went and saw it for a second time last night!

I know how this guy feels. I wanted to come out and do this exact same thing afterwards.

Walking the Cat

Video by Normal Bob
I hope to collect more footage of people walking their cats on leashes.

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