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So today's "Featured Video" is this creepy perv trying to secretly film kids at the park! The reason I got such clear footage of his entire approach & escape is because this was his third pass in about 10 minutes.

Yes, that's a camera in the bag, and yes, that's his outfit. The best part is the kids calling him out and teasing him as he fled.

The peeper has come out of his hole and he did NOT see his shadow! SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!


Starbucks Flasher

Video by Skater Bob

So a guy walks into Starbucks, shows everyone his nipples (one in particular) and then waves at us to stop filming him.

That's really all there is to say about it. Right?

Inna & Crackhead Tony

Photo by Normal Bob

See, Inna! You don't have to be all "lookit how fuckin' punkrock screamo I am! I don't give a shit about anybody! Let's all fuck in the streets!" all the time. [sample pic]

You're cute, and nice, and as sharp as a tack! You can make the whole world smile if you put your mind to it.

Although when you're teamed up with Crackhead Tony It's a whole lot better when you act like a complete freak.

Video by Normal Bob
Preacher's Tough Life

Video by Normal Bob

The other day I didn't need to do shit about the crazy street preacher ranting during last week's one sunny day, because everyone else at Union took care of that for me.

Read my "Useful Tool of Mockery" blog to find out more about this special moment at the park.

Junky the Barbarian

Photo by Normal Bob
Everyone below 14th knows of Junky the Barbarian, and no one has any problem with him, and we all just let him do whatever he wants, and that's how it is, and this is just how it'll be.
End of discussion.

Video by Normal Bob

This is Starbuck's regular "Hoops." The great thing about Hoops is he talks super fuckin crazy like this all the time, except for this one time I was in line behind Hoops for the restroom, and he was talking to himself all wacky, then a lady walked up to the restroom skipping right past Hoops & I to which he stated quite clearly, "Hey, I was next for the bathroom!"

Toupee Comb-over Fad

Photo by Normal Bob

I'm not sure if all of you are aware of this yet, but here in New York there's a Toupee Comb-over fad that all the models are doing this year.

The Comb-over with a gargantuan puffy coat.

Authentic UK Punk

Photo by Normal Bob

It's rare to see an authentic UK punk in New York, so when it does actually happen they really stand out.

Dead at Starbucks

Photo by Normal Bob

With spring almost here Skater Bob and I will be waving goodbye to our shelter, Astor Place Starbucks, and everyone who literally called that place home through winter.

Goodbye Operator, Sally Two Chairs, Eyebrows, Hoops, the Gypsies, Mike the Snitch, Gramps & Gramp's brother, featured here taking a little cat nap before lunch. We'll miss you all.

Oh, and see you at Union Square.

Mardi Gras Drunk

Video by Normal Bob
I always like to send off a fun page of Amazing Strangers with some drunk bum in a Mardi Gras mask staggering around Union Square harassing people until the cops have to escort him out of the park. So I wish you all fair well and leave you with exactly that.

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