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Welcome to another fine edition of Amazing Strangers, and another unavoidable entry into the Peepers overstuffed file cabinet.

In this video I try my hand at narration so as to clear up any misconceptions there've been about the Peepers, and also to share some of the stories since I first posted The Peepers page on the site.

In the video I also mention a blog I wrote about The Bravest Peepers. You can read about him here.

I also mention the Dog Molester getting run over. That's here.


Evolution of the Hottie

Photo by Normal Bob

I have been dumbstruck by the hotness girls have evolved to this year. So much so that when I approached this one to take a picture of her and her unbelievable shades, she was more than happy to do me the honor, then she asked about where they'd be posted and she pulled out her phone to note it and all I did was give her the URL.

I could have so easily said, "You know what, just in case here's my number too." But I didn't. And I haven't seen her since. Because that's how I roll.

See more at:

Long Island Drum-n-bass

Photo by Normal Bob

As I said, I swear to you the evolution of the hottie has come a long way even in just the last 10 years. It's to the point where I'm having trouble understanding how something as simple as this combination of the basics went so completely overlooked in the second millennium.

Nothing short of amazing.

The Mutant Gene

Photo by Normal Bob

But just as always happens in evolution, there are also the misfires. The mutant gene that fall astray, desperately scrambling from body to body futilely fighting to survive in a world of far more dominant, lower rise genes.

It's the merciless struggle of life. Sometimes it gets ugly.

Free Hugger

Photo by Normal Bob

Just in case you'd gone and visited my Free Hugs analysis and doubted the motives behind my campaign, here's the guy with his shirt off.

I rest my case.

Polka-dot Man

Photo by Normal Bob

It took me about 10 shots to get a good picture of this guy because my camera was set wrong, then someone else would stepping the shot, then he'd move and so on. And, no joke, afterwards he was looking at me like "Why are you guys making fun of me? It doesn't make any sense at all no matter how you look at it."

True story.

Supreme Lowrise

Photo by Normal Bob

No joke. J Train to Manhattan. Middle of the day.

Graver is Dead

Photo by Normal Bob

So the Graver factor at Union Square has diminished to pretty much zero. And the few ex Gravers you still see lingering about, the abandon strays, aren't letting it die with a whimper.
I'm not sure how to describe what's going on in that scene now. This is exactly how The Island Of Misfit Toys began.
Glass Eye Security

Photo by Normal Bob

Want to know one of the best security devices if you're sleeping on the street? I fucking glass eye.

Seriously, could you riffle through this guys pockets while that thing's staring at you? He's fast fucking asleep after a long day of hiking through the city, and he's probably smashed too! There's no way in hell he'd wake up. I guarantee it. You still can't work up the courage it'd take to do it, can you? Neither could I.

Style Desparate

Photo by Normal Bob

I can't even imagine what the kids of today are up against having to find their own look, yet keep it original, yet make it something that stands out, yet have it be something that reflects what you feel inside, all while only limiting yourself to the dollar bin at TJ Max.

I'll tell ya, it's as difficult as it looks.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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