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I realize Amazing Stranger updates have been few & far between. Winter's shut down Union Square, so my finds are a lot more random, strolling through the city on my errands, coffee breaks, waiting for the train, etc. And thanks to a few 50+ degree days last week I finally have enough quality strangeness to fill a page!

Yesterday we met Lenny. He was spittin' all over everything and getting in everybody's business. So it wasn't long before he volunteered himself as a qualified skateboarding obstacle. It appeared to be one of the most fulfilling events to ever happen in Lenny's short life. Well, that, and earlier when he fell on his ass and a guy with a girlfriend gave him money.

Village Idiot

Photo by Normal Bob

Every village has one.
Ours is orange.

iPod Silent Rave FAIL

Video by Normal Bob

What happens is this: NYU gets a new flock of students in the spring who're first-timers here. Then, come winter, these newbies believe from what they've seen in just a few months they too have got something truly original and courageous to offer. They are yet to adjust properly to early-dusk, and their need to express themselves becomes more distorted than usual.

It might be something as easy as attempting to impress people by walking around with your buddy dressed up like secret service agents, or as challenging as trying to inspire an impromptu silent rave amongst people coming home from work on a Thursday evening.

They're ideas that seem fail-safe when they're curled up in pajamas at the student lounge brainstorming with others who're dressed similarly. Then in reality, that which they assumed had all the bugs worked out, more closely ends up resembling a car crash.


Photo by Normal Bob

The Dopester! Dopey-dopey-doo! Dope-o-rama! That Dopinator! Dopey-dolittle! DOPES! Dopey Duncecap! Dopesey Dope, Dopin' the Dope Dopin' it up in Dopesville! Dope-smokin'! File-me-under-D-for-Dopey!

How are ya?

Graver Comeback

Photo by Normal Bob

Gravers are definitely becoming more lovable as of late. I like that they're shedding the "gangstas of the mystical realm" label and venturing into the adorable. It's so nice not to have to be shielding your eyes from them every moment of the day.

I know I've talked a lot of shit about gravers over the years, but no, I have to admit, it's evolving into something that's almost darling!

Dressed to Impress

Photo by Normal Bob

Guys go to a such a great length to be noticed & admired by girls. At times it can really be a display unto itself.

I once wrote about a guy I saw who had a doggy hand puppet, and for each girl he walked by or saw sitting in a coffee shop window he'd make the puppet wave and dance desperately attempting to engage them in any sort of acknowledgement of his person. I hypothesized that these were the normal lengths a straight man will go when he is no longer being paid attention to by the opposite sex. And when the competition for attention is elevated, as it is here in New York City, the extremes heighten accordingly.

In fact, I've even seen cases where a guy dressed himself up in a baggy red matching outfit, a giant clock necklace with a bouquet of red balloons ......and it looked reasonable.

Gay Cakewalk

Photo by Normal Bob

Oh, to be gay. To have sex always there waiting for you.

I have gay friends and I have straight friends. The gay friends are always talking about all the sex they have all the time, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes there's drama, sometimes there's not, but there's always sex.

While all my straight friends complain there's no sex and people they want to have sex with won't have sex with them.

Sure there's issues gay people have to deal with. At least that's what I've been told. But everyone knows as long as you're having sex, not having all your rights, or being name-called in public is a cakewalk.

Neo Hipsting

Photo by Normal Bob

One of the things all New Yorkers are secretly searching out it's the next new level of hipster, what it's going to look like, and how to hook into it ahead of everyone else.

This is Neo Hipsting, and it's a cross between punkrock and yesterday's Williamsburg hipster. The boots and jeans weight on the side of scene/hip while the hair & attitude lean towards punk, with just a hint of 80s wave in the thin tie & shirt.

So pile on now, because next spring it'll be everywhere, and by the end of summer it'll be an eyesore.

Heresy for Normal Bob

Video by Normal Bob

Listen. Times are freakin' tough! Sales are down, jobs are few, and against all my better judgment I decided to add a DONATE button to my Latest Updates page. Let me at least have the illusion that I'm some third rate celebrity who's got some sort of value beyond the dollar that fans will sing songs to.

That all said, enjoy this song sung for e by a fan at Union Square a couple weeks ago.

Not even all the coffee at Starbucks...

Video by Normal Bob

See, I actually enjoy sitting through ten straight minutes of someone a the nod. But I also realize this much video on this one stagnant topic isn't enough to hold a regular person's attention like it does mine.

So don't say you haven't been warned. No one around gives two shits and there's no dramatic ending. It's just another quiet afternoon of quiet conversation, time wasting, and falling asleep standing up at the Astor Place Starbucks.

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