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It's finally here! Spring is here, and I have my beloved Union Square back. Winter seemed like forever, but now we're back with Amazing Strangers, and Christ! It's in full swing!

So the other day while I was sitting at Starbucks having a coffee with my friend, this guy came up to use our window as a mirror to adjust his belt. Anyhow, it was a bigger task than you would think, so I'm narrating to walk you through it step by step. I hope it's not too confusing.


Clown Wives

Photo by Normal Bob

It's an utter myth that being the wife of a clown is a laugh riot with the rooftop down. It's not.

The sex is awful, your friends laugh behind your back and right to your face, it's impossible to hail a cab, and trying to put together a smart, low-key outfit for a day of shopping is lose/lose every single time.

Mysterious Underwear Photographer

Photos by Normal Bob

If ever a faceless photographer holding a pair of boy's briefs approaches you snapping away, take a quick look around. You're probably at Union Square, New York City, and sitting in bum-spit.
Gasface Girl

Photo by Normal Bob

Very very soon I'm going to have a complete collection of everyone's gasface from Union Square, and it will be the perfect love letter to the park I hold so dear to my heart, as well as a wordless reason why it is so.

Bartending Union

Photo by Normal Bob

I have this loose theory that the upside to the economy plummiting to the ground is this city will gradually turn back into what it used to be, and every day will earn itself a full, chunky page of Amazing Strangers.

The beginning of this fall starts with regular folks getting wasted at the park on their lunch hour. Then from there each player moves counter-clockwise around the board until the game ends.

Holy Spirit Swag

Photo by Normal Bob

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is weird, right? I mean, no one else had any sort of comment while we were sittin' there, and it all couldn't look any more casual than it does.

I realize completely the chip I've got on my shoulder, but it's strange, and hard to explain, and confusing to the brain, right? Or have I just gone mad?

Seriously. What the fuck is this??

Dinner at KFC

Photo by Normal Bob

As the saying goes, You never eat a whole dinner at KFC, and the part you do eat, it doesnt stay long.
2 Pants, meet 20 Pants

Photos by Normal Bob

Two pants, this is 20 Pants.

20 pants, this is Two Pants.



Video by Normal Bob

Feet, then food. Food, and then feet. Feet. Food. Food. Feet.

Ahhh, the smell of Union Square is in the air. "Sigh"


Video by Normal Bob

We're very near to a time when the hassle of owning pets forces us to take drastic measures against their imperfections. This would involve completely eliminating their ability to escape from us under any circumstance, removal of their voice box (and any other method of crying out for help they might be hiding from us), and an absolute shaming away of any remaining confidence & independence that's accidentally been left behind after all that.

But their ability to love us, that wouldn't be tampered with. Not in any way whatsoever. Never.
That part God got right.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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