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Things are out of control at Union Square! No one can figure out how to contain their Spring Fever!!!
This happens every spring, but this was an exceptionally harsh winter so everyone's swinging their skateboards at each other, smackin' girlfriends in the face, and literally having to be wrestled to the ground by security guards! In short, we're all seriously jonzed winter's over and the sun's out again.

Our FEATURED VIDEO is just that. This guy hit the other guy's girlfriend, so he's gotta beat him up, and they all got yelled at by the cops and sent home, and the entire time the living statue doesn't budge an inch! Spectacular. You gotta see it.


Best Buy Secures Teen

Video by Normal Bob

While I was strolling home yesterday this mess was happening on the corner outside of the new Union Square Best Buy.

The video starts 4 seconds after I got there, and when it all ended I stopped shooting, then handed that punk chick my card saying "If you want to see the movie of it, email me."

London/Jersey Girl

Photo by Normal Bob

I know the first question you're going to ask, and the answer's: No. She didn't have an English accent.

Hell, I only spoke to her for a second and I'm willing to go so far as to declare she's not even from England!

None of this concerned me though.

The Union Square Baghead

Video by Normal Bob

This is the Union Square Baghead. He rapes people, stabs kids in the head with a knife, and stomps cute little doggies flat as pancakes.

The Union Square Baghead. Another Union Square original.

The Spitting Graver

Video by Normal Bob

In this video you get to hear the story of his journey towards becoming the Spitting Graver. After that, you can decide for yourself why swallowing isn't an option.

Skater Bob

Videos by Normal Bob
This is my friend, Skater Bob, and this is his advice to smokers at Union.

This is Skater Bob's dad, and he's a fucking prick! This is seriously as much affection as I've ever seen between the both of them. It was actually quite a tender moment.
You hafta know their dynamics to see it, but it's there.

Bad Dandruff

Video by Normal Bob

Of all the revolting horror I subject myself to every day walking these streets this has got to be THE WORST!

I've got no quaint little jab, or flirty criticism. This is just downright disgusting! I don't understand why these people aren't hauled away to camps and gassed.

GOD IS FAKE vs Christian Tourists

Video by Normal Bob

Here I am assaulting a troupe of Christian youth visiting from God knows where, Middle-BFA, with my whimsical but terrible GOD IS FAKE tomfoolery at the Astor Place Starbucks.

Some of them scream out. Others protest "You're Fake!" while I'm quite sure most changed their minds right there on the spot.

Easter "Tough Guy"

Photo by Normal Bob

This is the new "Easter tough guy" look for the holiday. It's really caught on this spring and bad to the freaking core!

Oh jeesh! Did I say "freaking?"
I meant "flicking."
My apologies.

Dennis Hopper Impersonator

Photo by Normal Bob

After another long, gregarious spring fiasco of a day, you're dead. Fucking DEAD!

It's madness I tell you.
Spring madness.

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