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I can barely keep up with the Amazing Strangers. I've got ones from this week over flowing into next, and today I shot even more that're gonna have to overflow beyond that! It's a fruitful harvest of strangers, to say the least. So let's get to it.

The FEATURED VIDEO today is Skater Bob answering viewer mail.

Everyone's always askin' "Who the hell is Skater Bob?" and "WTF!?! Does he think he runs the mother fuckin park?!?!"
Skater Bob himself answers your questions. And if you disagree with anything he says, feel free to judge him yourself on his YouTube page:


Rocky Horror Punk
Photo by Normal Bob

In my history I've had very little room for the Rocky Horror Punk. I mean, I'm sure they're nice people who got terrific grades, pay their bills on time, never dabbled in even the cheapest hard drugs, and even take their mother out to dinner one weekend a month. But I'm truly sorry, that's not what I'm looking for in my punk rock.

I'm also too suspicious of people. I can't help but suspect they're in it mostly for the "Lookit all the colorful friends I've collected!" and "Lookit how colorful I've gotten since high school!"
I have just way too much blame and accusations directed at them. I'm sure it's my fault for being an asshole, but that's just who I am.


Inna on the Scene

Photo by Normal Bob
Once again Inna, on the scene, shows us what all the little scene girls will be emulating this year. And if you doubt, just watch her make her rounds at the park.

I've witnessed first hand Inna bringing a new, shocking look out to her friends, the circle of girls who study and stew over it, then the copy-cat emulation of precisely what she had on a few days before.

It's an impressive affect.

Americanized Russian Scenester
Photo/Video by Normal Bob
On the flipside of that coin, this confused Americanized Russian translation of Scene is not catching on with all the pretty little scenies.

Yet again and again she struggles to make the dream come true completely unaware the only influence she'll have is on the middle-aged suburban lady scene movement.

You heard it here first. Scenesters, mark my words. This is the face of the enemy, and like it or not she will eventually win. Her name is "Mom."

Handsome Boy Modeling School

Photo by Normal Bob

Skater Bob named this peeper: Handsome Boy Modeling School, and I seriously had no idea what he was talking about.

Then I typed it into Google Images, and from then on I've understood completely.

Tourists or Locals?
Photos by Normal Bob

Now you can play the game we all play at Union.

What you do is first examine each of these photos of different people walking through the park. Study what they're wearing and holding in their hands, and count the Hard Rock Cafe shirts and such. Then, when you think you have an answer, point and shout either "TOURIST!" or "LOCAL!" It's loads of fun.
Skater Bob & his Dad
Photo by Normal Bob

I asked Skater Bob and his dad to finally settle down for a minute so I could take a picture of them to use on their Christmas card this year.

One shot and it came out perfect.
So here they are sharing their holiday spirit with all of you.

Condom Masturbation
Video by Normal Bob

The other day my friends were yelling and laughing at me about how masturbating with a condom on is common knowledge, and everyone but me knows it's how you prepare yourself for the desensitizing that occurs when you're having sex with a condom on.

They laughed at me because I hadn't heard of this, nor had I sufficiently prepared myself for this basic fact of life! Was I supposed to know this? Should my parents have taught me about this when I was 12 instead of all the Jesus/Bible BS? Anyhow, here's some discussion on the matter.


Video by Normal Bob

This is what a man who's spent his life masturbating with a condom on looks like.

Enough said.

Dali-esque Model

Video by Normal Bob

A lot of people told me that when they saw the Union Square map and its claim of "Models," they shook their head in disbelief and thought, "Puh-leeze! How do YOU know they're models, Normal Bob Smith?" and "This is really stretching it! If you're trying to keep me coming back to the site you don't have to feed me straight-out bullshit. You know everyone's occupation? How? Explain it to me!"

This is for those people.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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