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NY, I Love You

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It's not in your imagination. I have indeed been more busy at the park than with the hate mail. It's just too beautiful out and everyone's way too eager to perform for the camera! See for yourself.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO features the Haitian Peepers who you may recognize from back in the day. One of the first Peepers to discover the webpage, and ever since he's been hexing us with an evil-eye! And as everyone knows, if you try to take a picture of a hexing evil-eye a peeper will snap!

This one did, and he "Go fuck me up!"



Photo by Normal Bob

These are blipsters. Urban dictionary references 4/5 of the band TV On The Radio.

And as is routine for Urban Dict, an opposite is referenced to help clarify a definition. And the opposite of a blipster is Idi Amin, the brutal murderous dictator of Uganda in the 70s, portrayed by Forest Witaker in the film Last King of Scotland.

So to clarify, Idi Amin, not a blipster.


Photo by Normal Bob

Each week I promise myself I'm going to skip a page and not post an Inna update. Then she shows up, I snap a picture of her latest outfit, and it outdoes everyone else.

A couple weeks ago a girl came up to me and said "Oh my God! I love the Inna updates on your site! She's such a hot mess. I worship her."

This is for that girl so she has more Inna to cream to.

Guess who

Photos by Skater & Normal Bob

Recognize this man? Dare to even take a guess? All I can say is I saw him strolling by and after about 5 double-takes I figured it out, and let me tell you, seeing him like this is one rare blip in the cosmos that won't happen again for a few more decades.
Can you figure it out? Leave a comment and let's just see how observant all you people actually are.

Melbourne Shuffle

Video by Normal Bob

I've heard it compared to one of those old toy football games with the vibrating surface that made all the players move around crazily.

It's not Electro Dance. It's the Melbourne Shuffle.

Blizzard Man

Photo & Video by Normal Bob

Always ready for a blizzard, even on a beautiful 90 degree summer's day, Blizzard Man is not a bum!
He doesn't want your handout, has no use for your charity, and would rather eat garbage out of a Union Square trash can than touch your lousy pity-money!

Photo by Normal Bob

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New York Lady

Photo by Normal Bob

I take photos like this to remind me how much I love New York.

This isn't middle America.
People run screaming from Idaho to get here.
Tourists stand out here.
Locals blend seamlessly into the grit and hardness of it all.
Being asked directions is a compliment.
She knows where to get seven different dinners for under $7 without stepping foot into fastfood.
She's what you hope your tourguide looks like.
She's got a rent controlled apartment you'd kill for.

Transistor Radio

Photo by Normal Bob

And then there are some park regulars who've been hanging out for years and are in fact not trying to peep up your skirt, bum a quarter, or a cigarette, screaming about everyone being Nazis, eating out of a trash can, banging on a bucket with a drumstick, cockblocking, dancing for handouts, yelling about Jesus being God, yelling about Jesus not being God, punching out your girlfriend, swinging a skateboard at your head or selling illegal narcotics to pregnant teenagers in the back of the park.

This one man is Transistor Radio.


Video by Normal Bob

Again, another shoplifter will walk.

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