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After a long tiresome wait, my Amazing Strangers MATCH GAME postcards are in!

The above link is the give-away, so watch out. If I've given you one already that's where you'll find the answers. Or if you're at Union, come find me and I'll happily give you one so you can play along with the rest of us!

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is, well, it pretty much speaks for itself.


Nuts Girl

Photo by Normal Bob

So she came up to us laughing so much she had to throw her head back and look into the sky to get it out! Then she posed like this for us.

Then she ran to the next people, posed, and laughed so hard again, and again, and again, until all the park saw the funny joke she was making. Then she left never to be seen again.

Video by Normal Bob

See her full story here on YouTube.

Lucky Star 2010

Photo by Normal Bob

I can't tell you how excited I am to see Madonna again. What took her so long? When does she start dancing? Does she have a manager? How do I sign her? I want it to start all over again, and I want to be here to see it happen!

This is how it felt.

I'm not Muslim shirt

Photo by Normal Bob

Here's an important note for tourists who plan on visiting Ground Zero. Please dress hyper-patriotic so your allegiance to America is unquestionable. We're all still extremely skittish here, and shirts like this one mean a lot to us.

Thank you, True American. Consider yourself welcome here by all of us.

Um, if you're free a little later could you help us do some terrorist spotting later? Thanks.

Forever Union Square

Photo by Normal Bob

Do you remember Super Coat back from page 64? Well after disappearing for a year, he's back, in the same shirt, shirts & wristwatch, unable to resist the Union Square addiction for which there is no cure.

This disease is very real, and we're all infected and proud.

Orange Cowboy

Photo by Normal Bob

One of the pressing issues I'm trying to illustrate with my "Amazing Strangers of Union Square" project is the sheer inescapableness of this park.

Years ago the Orange Cowboy first set foot in this park exclaiming "I'm gonna leave New York. Everyone's stuck up here. I'll probably go back to Boston."
This is the picture I took of him back then from page 46.

Here it is 4 years later and the Orange Cowboy can still be heard mumbling after each girl rejection: "I'm leaving New York anyhow. It's too pretentious here. Probably Boston. Probably head back to Boston....."

Asian Babysitter

Photo by Normal Bob

The videos I see online are true! They're all true!

Oh, Asian Babysitter search result, I love you.

Gay Anarchy

Photo by Normal Bob

Is this what's going on now? If you're gay you think you can just get away with anything and no one can call you on it because of your gay Get Out Of Jail Free card?
Super Yuppy

Photo by Normal Bob

This is someone that actually wanted to be this, right? I mean, this is a dream come true for this person, correct? Or is it me that's ass-backwards? That's the goal and I misstepped? The path I'm on raises eyebrows and this one's congratulated? And to say otherwise takes long explanations, diagrams, elaborate hand gestures and the occasional showing of testicles? What am I missing?

Sleepy Signs

Photo by Normal Bob

And finally, yes. Even Signs curls up like a kitten under a tree and dreams of sugar plum fairies dancing on clouds.... while being fucked up the ass by Brad Pitt's steroid dick.

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