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So the heat wave cookin' through New York has totally subdued everyone, which results in a more mellowed page of Strangers.
Not to say things are any less exciting or batshit-crazy here. It just reveals itself in a more creative, read-in-between-the-lines way.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is old friends. Really old! The Dog Molester, & Pops, from way back (see left sidebar). Both looking better than ever, wasting their remaining days at the park.
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12 yr old blonde rollerskater

Video by Normal Bob

It was so cute! This little, blonde 12 year old rollerskater rolled up to Bob and put on the most adorable show for him. But leave it to Bob to be a dick about it and break her heart in two, just for a goddamn laugh.


Wendel the Garbageman

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Y'all know Wendel already, so no need to talk this to death.
Here he is, and here he is again.
Welcome to Union Square.
Her Best Friend Jesus

Photo by Normal Bob

I love this picture. Whatever it is, it sums up the park fundies so eloquently.

This is how it is. Here's the sign to prove it. And if your name was on that board tell me you wouldn't find some way to get yourself assassinated, and if that didn't work, grow wings and fly as far away from this planet as you possibly could.

The Pits

Photo by Normal Bob

Enough said.
Barney the "Living" Dinosaur

Photo by Normal Bob

On the previous page I introduced you to Boris and his shoe repair store. And one thing that every Lower-East-Sider knows about Boris' place is the Barney the Dinosaur that's been the store's mascot for the last 20 years, absorbing the germs of every dirty story Saint Marks has told in that time.

So my favorite thing is when little kids run up and hug it, kiss it, & bury their face in it while the parents laugh and coo and snap pictures. It's so adorably sweet.

What's less sweet is the eye-scabies their child wakes up with the next morning, and the skin grafts that follow the special special day when Junior actually met Barney, the "living" Dinosaur.

Black Lace Tops

Photo by Normal Bob

See! I'm not the only one at the park studying the scene, logging everything for the outside world, trying to learn from whatever it is this park is trying to teach.

This is a valid quest.
What I do is important! And p
P eople in-the-know see what I see!

Now where my best chances to see a junkie fight?

Junkies fight over Xanax

Video by Normal Bob

So lately junkies have been coming up to me pissed off because I put them on the site and called them "junkies."
"I'm not a junky! That day you filmed me I was on Oxycontin, not junk!" said one such junky.

And here we go again.
Two junkies fighting over Xanax who're going to eventually come at me screaming, "We were fighting over Xanax! Not junk! We're not junkies, god dammit! You're making us look bad!!!!"

Real Life Zombie

Video by Normal Bob

The other day I saw a real life zombie lurking through the Square, which means sometime next week this guy's going to come at me yellin' "I'm not a fucking zombie! I was sniffing glue that day! I'm not fucking undead, asshole!"

See what I have to go through??

Dusty the Duster

Video by Normal Bob

Okay, so this is Dusty. Dusty isn't doing junk like everyone else. He's doing computer keyboard duster. So not once am I calling Dusty a junky. He's DUSTY!

Everyone cool??

There's so much fucking politics and political-correctness you have to wade through in the junky scene.
It's a goddamn snobfest!

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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