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Page ONE HUNDRED is finally here, and I can't believe Amazing Strangers has been such a frightening success! I couldn't have predicted that this would all become such a central part of my life, and as a price I'd've befriended way too many bums.
I try not to think about it.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is a story about two of those bums! Crackhead Toothless Tony, and Signs having it out.

Christ, they both hate each other, and you'll probably never ever guess which one completely punked out.
Watch and be amazed.


Into the Lion's Den

Videos by Normal Bob

Last night they came in droves to Union, and pretty much dominated the park with people and singing and bible and Jesus. Sooo Camille and I braved the crowd and dove straight into the middle with GOD IS FAKE flyers. That's video number one.

Then, of course, that led to a couple of the Jesus freaks coming over for a rap session, to which will lead these weak-in-faith believers down the path of atheism kicking and screaming.

You just wait. Within a couple years one of these two guys will be emailing me: "I met you back when I was a Christian, then I started thinkin'..."

Scary Mary

Photo & video by Normal Bob

This is Mary, and boy does she have a word or two to say about ArEz the Graver [Please refer to your matchgame piostcard, 3rd from the right, 2nd row].

And as everybody at Union Square knows (or is finding out the hard way), if you've got a story to tell about someone on that card, I'm all over it like junky on Xanax.

Video by Normal Bob

...And like a junky on Xanax, a robotripper on Robotussin isn't that much further down the road. And this little guy is chokin' it down like it's gramma's piss.

Don't missout on the subtle, but telling gags & dry heaves inbetween each slurp and icecube. You can almost taste it on the end of your tongue.

Mmmmmmmm, Serotonin.


Video by Normal Bob

Freya's your average 15 year old park rat whose mom buys her cigarettes and let's her stay out until 4am at the back of the park with strangers.

New York City is home to a whole different version of parenting.

Dizzy Dancing Dad

Video by Normal Bob

This is my friend's dad, again, showing off for the crowd his unique and skillful dance style.

One of my favorite things is filming him spinning around, then pasting the URL on her Facebook wall.

Spreading joy is the business I'm in.

My Interns Sing

Video by Normal Bob

Yes, I have interns, and yes, they do sing for me every now and again.

This one I specifically filmed for my roommate who's the biggest fan of... Wait.
Can you guess?

Webster Hall New York City

Video by Normal Bob

What's the best club in New York City?? The BIGGET one, obviously! And that's Webster Hall, and it's everything you'd expect it to be.

These two Turkish guys were on their way, and they were going to fit right in. That's what Bob and I are trying to explain to them.

Taking Care of Russians

Video by Normal Bob

This is how Skater Bob takes care of a Russian.

Watch and learn.

Nano-tech Fury

Video by Normal Bob

And finally, this is a very rare and troubling moment of Nano-tech, the park preacher, losing his cool and displaying the unbridaled wrath within him.

Another delightful summer at the Union Square.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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