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Another twisted into a double knot week at the Square, everyone pulling tighter and tighter until finally it snaps in two and everyone falls flat on their ass! The compitintion never ends, which is why today's FEATURED VIDEO takes you on a short Sunday summer's stroll through the park on a typical afternoon.

Meet the Jesus Freaks and Nano Tech, Wendel, and stop by the Sausage Party on your way out. You'll be happy you stopped on by New York City's front porch to watch traffic go by.
Stop by again soon.


2 Recorders at Once

Video by Normal Bob

It's not often you see something sweet happening at Union, but this kid with his two recorders up his nose filled the spot for this year's single moment of sweetness.


Now enough of that and onto the bumfights, perverts & drug addicts.

Signs vs Wendel

Video by Normal Bob

Signs and Wendel are at it again! This time Signs is trying to stuff "Oscar the Grouch" back into his house, but he ain't havin' any of it!

People are commenting under this video on YouTube saying "Why is Signs being such a dick?" and what not.
Um, everyone, I'd hate to break it to you, but Signs is a TOTAL DICK.
What? You thought he was a charmer? You felt bad for him when he got body slammed on the steps a month ago? Believe me, I had no problem keeping my camera steady and relishing every crack and pound he got delivered to him that day. He had it coming because Signs is a dick. If you ask me, he's overdue for another toss down the steps. Keeps him in his place for a couple weeks.

Roman's Free Massages

Videos by Normal Bob

I'm not going to waste much time writing about Roman and his new scheme. The videos speak for themselves there's been enough time spent on him here/now for the rest of the year.
This video Roman doesn't like because he said I told my intern to make those faces.
And this vid he thanked me for because it wasn't biased.

Photo & video by Normal Bob

This is Dusty, and inhalers are his game. When I first met Dust he was passing around Computer Keyboard Duster and flying very very high!

This however, is a less celebratory day for Dusty. Because on this day he was beginning to realize the undesirable affects of polishing the surface of his brain with the Staples' Computer Care section.


Video by Normal Bob

Ever thought you had a name for an Amazing Stranger that was better than the one they already have? Well Spits here isn't necessarily married to the name Spits. In fact, Skater Bob calls him Pft-pfffftptfft-pft while I still call him Spits. And then Skater Bob told me yesterday he wants to start calling him Mouth-fart, which I don't think's going to stick either.

So we're up for suggestions, and if it sticks then that's what it's always meant to be. Take a look-listen and let us know what you've got so we can pass it along to Spits.... or Mouth-fart... or whoever.

Homeless Love

Photos by Normal Bob

So I'm on my way to the park at about 5 in the afternoon and these two lovers are rubbing it in everyone's faces that they got it and everyone else doesn't! Perfect love, unhindered by the burdens of responsibility, expectations or four walls and a roof.

Then, at about 11pm I was on my way home walking past the same corner and even after seven hours the love is still perfect, while you or I are forced to step over them alone. No one to hold my hand or hold me when I am afraid.
Life is unfair.


Photo by Normal Bob

Oh Trips! Will you never meet a teenage black girl who'll reciprocate? Why must they all be so cold? Do they not recognize your pilot's uniform or drunkard's breath?

What about your pink pink face staring into the side of their head? Is this not the bodylanguage of love?

Just keep on talking Trips. Never stop. Only one has to crumble under your endurence test. It may be one in every million, but all you want is one. Just one. Only one.

Evolution, Fossils & Heaven

Video by Normal Bob

Here's one last Christian I debated with from last week before they all went back to Wisconsin and took their Jesus with 'em.

Some people have watched this and said I no longer sound like an atheist, but I assure you I am. Any confusion there is me pretending to be a believer to present my counter argument against.

I hope this misunderstanding never happens ever again.

Free Hugs

Photo by Normal Bob

You know what? why don't we just wear signs on or chests that read "NEED LOVE. PLEASE HOLD ME!" or "I NEED TOUCHING. CLOSE FULL FRONTAL TOUCHING."

I mean, what is "shame" really? Or "dignity?" What value are these words in the face of loneliness?!? Are those things somehow more important than the emptiness inside my heart?
Answer: No. Nothing is.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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