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That's right. It's time for more Strangers of Union Square. This time with a bit more focus on the photos rather than video. But first, some important news...

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Never before seen footage of a junky falling down! Thought impossible for centuries, this one time documentation is a must see. You will not believe your eyes! Go now and forever have your world view changed.


Dangerous Doorman

Photos by Normal Bob

I being told by several Amazing Stranger fans that they like how I'm doing so many more videos, but they miss the old-skool photo-only thing it once was. So I took it to heart and made this page about the photos, because I agree.
So when this doorman started stretching & shadow boxing, and I wasn't capturing the magic of the moment in the videos I was taking, I committed to pictures, and that made all the difference.

Hot Rocker Babe

Photo by Normal Bob

Lately all I've been able to do is shake my head in awe and try to change the subject in my field of view. I've got it bad for hot rocker babes. My friends look at me and murmur "Wow. Scary." But I ain't hearing any of that.

It's what I really need. I'm enough of a dork for both of us. Only a rocker can balance me. Punk or metal. Motorcycle boots or Docs. And in some cases, authentic or poser. Yes, I'm that easy.

Love, yelling and laughter over JD & GG. A kick in the fucking ass because we're all gonna die.
I mean, JESUS, looket those fucking legs! This is what my insides demand.

Newspaper Pickup

Photo by Normal Bob

This is the Newspaper Pickup Artist and we've been following him for years. He's always shooting way out of his league with the girls he scams on (a "models only" policy), he's usually carrying around a newspaper (hence, his name), and for the last couple years he's been bringing back the Caesar!

When I ran into him this day to take these pics he told me right now he's workin' in a warehouse and it's all right but it sucks, then a hot girl walked by and his nose followed her ass all the way across the street.

So long Newspaper Pickup! See ya in the funny papers!

Fro Yo

Photo by Normal Bob

Love it.
Greaser Fohawk

Photo by Normal Bob

Don't think this was just a one time deal because he ran out of gel and substituted shampoo or anything retarded like that. I saw him the very next day with the exact same do, and it had "When I grow up I want to live in a mental ward and use poop as mousse!" written all over it. That's two days in a row. So the answer's Yes. It's purposeful. Now, who wants a kiss?

Prettyboy Jake

Photo by Normal Bob

Hey, don't shoot the messenger just because every picture taken of Jake is so goddamned pretty and you get confused, question what you're thinking and look again. That's just life. Get used to it. We all got it inside us so don't act like you're so special or different. You don't have to get all homophobic just because he's better looking than your girlfriend. He can't help it! He's "Prettyboy Jake!"

Photo by Normal Bob

Hey everybody, the child molester's back in town! And he's happy happy! Do you mind if he crashes on your sofa? Do you have an extra set of keys he can use while you're away? He comes and goes a lot. By the way, where's your hat rack? Is the color-safe bleach under the sink?
Wait! When do I get to meet your kids!?! Where are you going!?!?
Why is everyone running away from me!!?!?! Don't you wanna see my show?!?!?! Hahaha heheheh haha!!!!! I know where you live!!!!!

Big-ass Ass

Photo by Normal Bob

You don't even have to read the side of his bag when it's written on the ass.
Squat Punk

Photo by Normal Bob

Just to give you an idea of the different way a squatter thinks compared to you or I, after I took this picture he told me to post it on his Myspace for him, gave me his email & passwords, then the next time i saw him he asked if I'd checked through his mail because he wanted to know how many messages he'd gotten.

I told him I hadn't, and he was disappointed.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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