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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is being called by many - The greatest "feat" of Amazing Stranger's video history; On par with the Dog Molester's now epic acoustic performance, or the armature child-pornographer's day at the park.
Yes, Roman's complete disregard for dignity, self respect, or his future reputation on planet earth is what it took to compete with Union Square's best. I hope you enjoy it as much as he did.



Photos by Normal Bob

"Hi! I'm Bendy, the bendable junky! You can bend me backwards and forwards, and even fold me completely in half! You can put my head between my ankles, wrap my feet around my head and stick my face inbetween my legs!
"And not only can you bend my body, but my face bends too! Watch me smoosh it up against my knee and make a funny face for all of you! Because that's me! BENDY!
The Bendable Junky!"

New York Pink

Photos & video by Normal Bob

I get myself in trouble like this all the time. I take a picture of somebody who's obviously someone to take a picture of, knowing I'm getting myself in over my head with whatever it is I'm supposed to say.
So to make something happen to guage against my radar I hand over a Matchgame postcard, and still no reaction.

Then a drunk panhandler gets involved and she immediately gets 5 stars. No debate.

Jimmy Vega vs Day Day

Photos & video by Normal Bob
Recently it's been brought to my attention that Day Day has a nemisis, and his name is Jimmy Vega. When asked, Day Day expresses nothing short of complete revulsion, while Jimmy rushes to stop any persuance of the matter with a "Yo, chill!"
But to me there's no comparrison.
I mean, Day Day takes the risk and actually DOES something worth looking at. When I see Day Day I want to take pictures. I want to see how he put it together, and what the things on him say.
With Jimmy, one look and you're done. Call a cab.

And while Day Day's pissin' in a juice bottle in front of park rangers, Jimmy Vega's gleeming the cube of Capoeria.

I suppose if there were no such thing as Day Day Jimmy Vega wouldn't stand out like the Target™ brand version of what's actually happening at street level. But Day Day does exist, so whatever edge Jimmy has can't cut through a wet piece of cheese. At least not while Day Day's alive.
And I'm sure he's got his fingers crossed.
Adult Babies

Photo by Normal Bob

If when you look at a baby carriage you can picture it as a comfy La-Z-Boy chair for you to fall asleep in, then you may as well just be walking around begging girls to let you stick their feet in your mouth at the park.

No one cares about dignity or manlihood any more. Life's just about what feels best as fast as possible, so why don't we all just go to the grocery and fall asleep face down in a bowl of pudding.


Photo by Normal Bob

A lot of people don't know this but junkies are intense readers! Give one a newspaper, magazine or book and they're fucking glued to it for the rest of the day. No joke. You see 'em all over town like this.

Photo by Normal Bob

I've had those days too. Sitting at the park completely and utterly stupefied by the mess. It can really overwhelm the senses. And never forget- you can leave the park whenever you please.
Say what you will, but you'd be astonished how many park rats can't comprehend that one simple concept.

Graver Warrior

Photo by Normal Bob

There is no greater expression of Union Square fashionomics than a Graver Warrior armed to the teeth.

I intentionally made this image larger so you could all attempt to list off each of the items he's prepared to brandish against all and any forces who oppose him.
Are you ready? GO!

Leave your list in Comments. Believe me, I will definitely read them.

Protest against Humanity

Photo by Normal Bob

I have to tell you, I was pretty pissed off seeing these kids at Union protesting human rights by lying down. Such a spit in the face of humanity. Sure it may seem punk rock, but I think they really took it too far.

Fuck you, you stupid fucks! How'd you like me lying down against your rights??? Dickholes.

How NOT to deal at the park

Video by Normal Bob

Gramps here is showing all of you wannabe drug dealers exactly how not to sell methadone tablets at the park.

Rule #1 - Don't deal to a guy who's holding a camera in your face.

Class dismissed.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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