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So, while all the Chicken Littles are screaming how THE SKY'S FALLING! summer's over and it's all downhill from here, along with Skater Bob claiming "You got everything you're gonna get at the park this year! Your site's over 'til spring! Deal with it!" I get the latest record breaking Amazing Stranger's addition.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO was posted just 72 hrs ago and has already gotten over 4,000 views, over a 1,000 a day. Probably the most viral vid I've posted, and I'm sorry to say it's all owed to Roman and his wacky Free Massages/Face Sitting project. All I can tell you is watch it for yourself to see what all the chatters about.


Union Square Trick

Video by Normal Bob

So this is a pretty standard Union Square trick. Very basic, everyone cheering you on, and afterwards there's damage and regret.

Photo by Normal Bob

I cannot tell you how many pictures I took that didn't turn out of Alexis. In the summer she's not a bit afraid to show off skin with the style. And fall comes around and she still makes it look so easy, so simple.

Best part is, she's really fuckin' nice even though everything about her look and attitude sends out warnings of haut. I like that.

Accosted by Groupie Fans

Videos by Normal Bob

Yes I'd be lying if I said that I've never gotten mobbed by screaming teen groupie girls totally star struck and going nuts.

I just take it as it comes and never let it go to my head. I'm cool like that.

Now here's what really happens.


Photo by Normal Bob

The frontpack never gets old to me. You put your expensive stuff inside, then, so no one steals it while you're not looking, you wear it on the front instead of the back!

Who's going to have the guts to take my stuff now?? Not YOU! Not anybody! And while you walk around you look like The Great Protector.

Then at the end of the day you get home and you still have all your expensive stuff, and you didn't look like an idiot doin' it.

Die Yuppy Scum Song

Video by Normal Bob

These are the guys who sit on the steps right across the street from the millionaire's condos at Union Square and spend their whole day bitching about them and singing songs at 'em. And my guess is that they're nearly all deadbeat-dads.
Nano Tech

Video by Normal Bob

I don't understand why Nano let's everyone get to him like they do. I can't imagine him not expecting any more. Or maybe he thinks he can really scare the clowns off if he gets angry enough?

Anyhow, later that evening he came over to say hi and I tried to give him some pointers and tactics for dealing with people who make fun of him.... like me.

Wendel is our Man

Video by Normal Bob

As summer dies away I have to admit there's a bit of reflection and a last few remaining moments to capture before the cold sets in. One of those is Wendel, who Skater Bob wrote a little song for on such an occasion such as this.
Signs the Asshole

Video by Normal Bob

Another one of those who'll be missed thought-of through winter's wind is Signs.

Here he is in a more pleasant moods fucking with some b&t.

I wonder if Signs will freeze to death on a park bench before spring? "Sigh"


Video by Normal Bob

"Buh-bye Trips! Buh-bye!"

One by one each of the park's extended family says "so long" in their own, memorable fashion.

And Trips, in his usual form, sends us out with an unexpected bang.

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