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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is, yes it's true. Now that the weather's gotten chilly Roman's the only one standing out at the park, night & day with his FACESITTING sign. Yesterday afternoon I strolled through on my way to get coffee, and there he was, all by himself on the corner with the sign.
I have to give him props though. People are noticing, and that toe-suck chick seems to love him.

I even saw him being shot by what turned out to be some German TV show. So who the fuck am I?


Peace through Face-sitting explained further from Normal Bob on Vimeo.


Photo by Normal Bob

Union Square is the only place where one second you've got a guy waving a SIT ON MY FACE sign at you, then no sooner do you shoo him away in complete disgust when you look up and realize some dipshit is already sitting on your head.
Lazy Sunday

Photo by Normal Bob

Winter's on the way folks. And soon this is all you're going to be seeing around the park. It's a sad sad reality..... or is it the greatest thing ever?
I still can't decide.

NYC Skate Scene

Photos by Normal Bob

So what I do is snap pictures of punkrock long boarders just so when Skater Bob rolls up I can say "Hey, check it out. One of your buddies" and show him the picture. He HATES it!
But then, leave it to Bob, the next day he'll start yellin' "There's a picture for your site! Title it: The New York City Skate Scene!"
So I do that too.

Don't miss Skater Bob's Blackbook articles, weekly!
Free Hockey

Video by Normal Bob

Not everyone will appreciate the magic of this video, but this is how things are. One minute you're minding your own business, and the next you're saddled with a hockey game some bum unloaded into your lap.
Signs & my Cuz

Video by Normal Bob

This is my cousin first meeting Signs the Bum after making a hero out of him from years of visiting the Amazing Strangers section of my site.
Union Premature

Photo by Normal Bob

There's this awful thing you see regularly happen over the course of a year at Union Square, and it goes something like this:
• A young cute girl discovers Union for the first time and instantly makes friends with the back of the park.
• Months later you see her pregnant, looking very strange because she still looks like a Jr Higher, only pregnant.
• A few months after that she returns, with a baby too small to be outdoors. She does a half a dozen circles around the perimeter, then leaves, forever.

And that was her summer.

Where are they now?

Photo by Normal Bob

Remember years ago that junky who was squeezing the pus out of his arms at us, then later that same year he helped Billy Rohan with his skateboard while they played in the puddle?



Well, now here we are 4 years later and guess who's lookin' so good! Although I have to add that he was still running around the park back-n-forth across the street, then back again, exchanging papers with people telling me he couldn't pose for a picture until he got back because he was in a hurry, and then after all that disappearing into the back of the park never to be seen again.
Well now he's back, and this is where he is now.
Union Square.
Big surprise.
Where are they now, again?

Photo by Normal Bob

And again, still sportin' the bold goggles and carrying around a whole bunch of sticks, here's Goggles 5 years ago and again now.

Union is in fact a home.
No question.


Video by Normal Bob

Last but not least, the only person who's been worth shooting now that everything's gone all Autumn on us, Roman and another facesitting vid.

The other day when he came running up to me waving his arms shouting "I got another girl who's gonna sit on my face for you to film!" I yelled at him, "Roman! I'm not looking to turn my site into a huge facesitting website! Enough already! I'll film you when I think it's interesting again!"

So here it is.

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