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NY, I Love You

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Say what you want, but I have to admit when winter hits I'm going to miss the everyday happenings at the Square, like today's FEATURED VIDEO.

I watched this about 6 times before I went to bed the other night because that's just how happy and satisfied it makes me feel. I can only assume it'll do the same for you.

Wendel & Signs, you just earned yourselves the featured roles in that animated Amazing Strangers seal at the top of the page. May your feud last an eternity!


Peek-a-boo Man

Video by Normal Bob

Peek-a-boo Man is another perfect example of someone I shot years ago who's sticking to the game even after all this time.

But seriously, peek-a-boo never ever gets old, especially when you throw in mirrors that reflect people back at themselves, a Jesus cross to protect you from their stares, and a Italian flag that adds even more coverage from all the looky-loo's!

I get giggly just thinking about it! Peek-a-boo me, Peek-a-boo Man! Peek-a-boo me!!!


Photo by Normal Bob

Encourage this! Someone pay this girl some money so she'll convice her friends to do it too!

She spun my head all the way around, and changed everything I thought I knew of what I wanted into a whole nother kind of impossible, god dammit.

How low can you go?

Video by Normal Bob

How low can you go? How low can you go??

A New York City junky does his best to beat the old record.

Skaters teasing Skooties

Video by Normal Bob

Yes, this is what they do all day. Skater Bob's a 38 year old man and those kids are 13.

Day Day ignoring me

Oh, and the other day that asshole Day Day walked right by me like he didn't even know what his name was.


Father/Son Longboard

Photos by Normal Bob

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy rubbing long-boarders in Skater Bob's face. For instance, I'll point and say, "Hey Bob, check it out. Father/son longboarders! Neat, huh? Keepin' it real."
And he'll yell at me, "Man Bob, why you gotta show me that shit? Jesus Christ."

And I'll say, "Aww, c'mon. It's sweet. It give a positive message to skateboarding. Bringing families together, and giving them irreplacable moments like this one here."
And Bob tells me to fuck off.

6 Pack

Photo by Normal Bob

What? You think just because you're fifty you have to hide what you've got? This guy knows better, and if you've hung around Union Square these last 10 years you know this guy never passes on an oppertunity to show off his hot, muscular, rolling midsection.
Ear Messenger

Photos by Normal Bob

This is how they roll in NYC. Hang it from the gauge and go.


Photo by Normal Bob

I know everyone's got it in for Jersey, and Jersey girl fashion, and I get shit every time go on about how much I love them. But this is where I'm at.

I like the length & condition of the jeans! I like the pink! I love the shoes and the tan and the lipstick, and the attitude and the foot tattoo, and the jacket, and the complicated purse, and, and... Oh Jersey girl. Only you know how to do what you do so right.

The Empty Peeper

Photo by Normal Bob

You and I will probably never completely understand the desperation and ache a peeper feels deep down in the core of his gut each and every hour of every day.

I've seen this guy sitting on the Brooklyn train with his frowning fat wife who completely radiated unpleasantness and hatred.

So he comes to the park with his paper bag luggage and tries to undo the empty hole of his life with whatever he can find that's pretty to stare at and looms over it in an attempt to fuel a life of nothing.

To him that's normal.

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