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Believe me, I realize it's entirely my responsibility to bring you a consistent stream of Amazing Strangers no matter how cold it is outside or how big a Christmas shopping mall they build atop Union Square. So just for you I went and got an exclusive interview from the sister of the most talked about (lately) Stranger on the site!

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is that interview with the Sit-on-my-face guy's sister! And Jesus Christ, she's revolted by what her brother's chosen to do with his life. Hopefully this will clear up some of the many questions I have to listen to regarding Roman – "the Peace Through Face Sitting" guy.


Hipster hates being Hipster

Video by Normal Bob

Nothing stands out more at Union than a hipster. I've explained this before on the page for Sceneters. So when one is trotting through it's nearly impossible to hold back telling them to "Go back to Williamsburg," which is exactly what was said to set this one off on a tangent that could only be performed by one pissed off, good-for-nothing hipster!

Prettyboy Jake

Photo by Normal Bob

Of course if you're looking for the prettiest fall statement you need go no further than Prettyboy Jake.
I mean, there's probably some super pretty girl out there to go further to, but as far as guys go, no.

The Crusty look of Fall

Photo by Normal Bob

And what's more Fall than crusties? I mean they're precisely the over-accumulation of Autumn everything!
Check this. If the homeless were tree leaves Wendel would be the Spring, Blizzard Man – Winter. I suppose that green lady would be Summer. I don't fucking know, is she even homeless? But what I do fucking know is crusties are the raked pile of Fall!

RIght? I mean, RIGHT!?!?


Photo by Normal Bob

I kept looking over at this guy and in my mind shouting, "BA BA BOOEEEE!" right up until he came over and asked what was up. I told him he looked exactly like a world famous celebrity named Baba Booeeee, had he ever heard of him?

He was extremely flattered, but no he hadn't heard of him, which explains that. I was shocked he hadn't had it shouted a hundred times at him on streets of New York, but in the end he walked away happy. And you know what? Good for him!

Redcoat & Stinky

Photo by Normal Bob

Yep. This is what we're all missing out on now that the cold's returned and Union's over 'til spring.

Ahhh, that eases the pain quite a bit.

Dizzy Dancing Dad

Video by Normal Bob

I know it's the same guy to the same song doing the same dance he always does, but the Dizzy Dancing Dad routine never gets old for me! It's just so much fun twirling around like that!

To switch things up ever so slightly I sent Fishes in there to do a little dizzy-dad-dancing himself.
He loved it.

I loved it.

Everyone loved it.

Kenya & Jake talk Drugs

Video by Normal Bob

This is video taken back in July and it's a typical discussion on the steps of the Square. At the time it wasn't a sure post. But now that the cold's here and Union is Out Of Order, the reminiscing part is merit enough.

It's also sort of educational, no?

An Autumn Day Day

Photo by Normal Bob

I know Day Day doesn't give a shit about Summer or Spring. All he cares about is Fall and Winter because that's when he can show off all the clothes he's shoplifted that year, which is exactly what he's doing here, and hiding there behind his back no doubt.

Scary Mary

Photo by Normal Bob

And what would be a better conclusion to such a lovely Autumn day than accidentally running into a rockin' chick wearing one of my awesome tanks?

Well it did it for me goddammit.

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