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Something tells me this year could very well be the craziest year at Union yet. It's pretty unanimous that last year topped all prior in terms of tales to tell, and so far I see the same happening all over again.

Today's FEATURED VID is one of those such tales. Roman, the Sit-on-my-face Guy is back and trying out new signs. And now that everyone's already familiar with his deal there's an open space available for reactors.

Get ready Roman. I think now the park's got a message for you. And YouTube has a message for you as well! This vid got deleted for violating their sexual content policy.


Summer Of Teeth!

Photos & video by Normal Bob

Wow! Everyone, we are BACK! And 2011 might very well be The Summer of Teeth!

The Dog Molester has the left half of his top row gone, and now Freddy.

That does it. Freddy's getting his own section on the site. I don't know why it got put off for so long, but this makes it official.

Inna & Union 2011

Photo & Video by Normal Bob

Inna showed up at Union for the first time in a long while to assure me that this year was going to be different. "This year" she explained "is going to be a lot quieter. This year I'm keepin' it on the DL, so yeah. Sorry. I've chilled out."

Then she...

Lighter Dance

Video by Normal Bob

You know what really gets under my skin? People who come up to me suggesting I do more documenting of the breakdancers, or chess players, or the different protest & pillow fight events that're always happening here. It pisses me off because while there are hundreds of tourists gathered ‘round over-documenting the shit out of those eyesores, someone who's actually doing something goes completely unnoticed. Everyone's back turned.

To understand what I'm talking about go to Google and type in "Japan Activists" or "Silent Rave" or "Union Square breakdancers" and see for yourself if there's enough documantation to fill 40 fucking garbage trucks with that bullshit.

Now do a search for this guy.

Day Day just passin through

Photo by Normal Bob

Day Day is one of those Unionites who still claims he doesn't hang out at Union all day long. He's always "just passing through." And yet, in an outfit that couldn't be any less of a "hang out at Union all the day long" outfit, that's exactly what he did. Which unfortunately turned his outfit into just that as well. Not a good thing.

One step forward, two steps back, Day Day.


Photos by Normal Bob

Again, completely unannounced and everyone's back turned Bendy here set up his pretzel shop and opened for business.

Then, after a couple minutes he stopped and sat back down with his friend to pick up the conversation where they had left off.
That's standard protocol at Union Square.

Turning Man

Video by Normal Bob

Without even the slightest smile or hint of doubt, Turning Man placed his turning machine in the square and turned atop it as if he were revealing to the world his newly acquired ability to fly.

Like a man presenting himself to the public as a candidate for God, Turning Man turned on his magical turning machine expecting nothing less than complete superiority.

One guy went up and asked if he could try it. Turning Man refused.

Retarded Peeper

Photo by Normal Bob

I think there are definitely some pictures that are better without any explanation.

Oh, but that's the Retarded Peeper on the far right.

Wendel Beverages

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Wendell has a smashed bottle of fermented diarrhea.

That's it.

Graver to the Grave

Photo by Normal Bob

Graver does not hinge on huge, baggy Trip Pants and the long Morpheus coat. Graving greets warmly all the flavors of comfy too.

You see, Graving is a way of life, not just an evening fashion statement made during the day. It combines what you'd wear while sitting up in bed playing World Of Warcraft on your laptop, with your out-and-about window shopping spree duds. It's a thread that pierces every look of your life once the door is open to it in any way, shape or form.

It's Graver to the grave, as they say. Graver to the grave.

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