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One of the rare little treats that occurs once, possibly twice a year, is when the park clears out just as the magic is getting started. Bumapalooza last Monday was precisely one of these special moments.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is a brief sum-up of the 90 minute event taking place on the front porch of a bum's nest. There was a laser light show brought to you by DJ Bum 1, glowstick rave dancing by Bum 2, and Bum 3 on lead guitar! It was incredible.

I think you can get a pretty decent gist of all that happened from this video with an added bonus of not having to smell it.


Dusty's Back!

Video by Normal Bob

Remember Dusty from last year? Well he's back and he's got a little surprise to share with us all. What could it be? Is he still doing drugs? Married? Does he have a child? Has he died lately?

Yes, yes, yes ...annnnd yes.

Griswald Interview

Video by Skater Bob

This is one of the best Griswald interviews ever. Skater Bob was in top form and got right to the core of the issue in well under 30 seconds. And I guarantee you these Grizzies are going around telling everybody they were put on TV while visiting New York City!
Pedo-boo Man

Video by Normal Bob

As fun as the mystery behind some of these Amazing Strangers can be, if you make the mistake of looking too deep it can get pretty creepy. And that's just the case with Mr. Peekaboo.

Peekaboo has made another, more incriminating appearance on Joey Boots' site. Sadly now we know exactly why he's hiding his face everywhere he goes. This whole charade is an attempt to charm five year old little girls, who he refers to as "pretty angels!"

But on the flip side it's fun to imagine that this is the sort of nightmarish fate for a person such as he. A whole life only being allowed to play peekaboo with the world, and life itself, then ya die. Poetic.

The Evolution of a Nest

Photo by Normal Bob

"A Nest" is a bum's house, and it is built slowly, piece by piece entirely from grabage picked up here, and there, and over there too!

It can also be a method of space-claiming to impress other bums, as well as a vivid display of working through ones life-failures while make-believing they have a worth which can be measured in possessions.

Photo by Normal Bob

Those pillows are from what's left over from the giant pillow fight last Saturday. There's a catsup bottle, and some busted stereo speakers, a couple half empty Starbucks cups, and a cardboard box .

Bit by bit, piece by piece this can all be sprawled out to create a completely self sufficient home-scape, including a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, study, art gallery, and even a bathroom! A fully functional, inhabited Nest can truly be a sight to behold!

Photo by Normal Bob

This is a diagram of a Nest broken down into parts. A deconstruction that took place over a 3 hour timeframe. There's a quaint segment in the above Bumapaalooza video showcasing this magical unveiling. Well worth another look-see in my opinion.

In total its value is estimated at around 11¢. It's the shining symbol of a bum's greatest achievements... and the park janitor's quitting day.

Signs picking fights with us!

Video by Normal Bob

Signs is right. He's absolutely earned his spot on the map. The only reason it hasn't happened yet is because HE'S SO FUCKING ANNOYING! Imagine what I'll have to put up with then!

What I didn't get on film earlier that day was him looking at the postcard saying to me, "Didn't I tell you to make these? I'm kinda thinkin' these were my idea, right?"

I have to remember to tell Skater Bob that next time I see him. He loves stories like that.

Green Graver Girl

Photo by Normal Bob

For all of you playing at home, this is 19G on your Matchgame postcard and worth 11 points in her green wig. Her value decreases 3 points for the red one, and zero points in no graver gear at all.

Day Day & Wendel

Video by Normal Bob

Lately Wendel has been forcing his hat onto people's heads. If you ever find yourself in this situation, RUN!

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