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Every so often I get on a photo-kick (as opposed to shooting video) and I come away with a ton of cool portraits and moments in time. Moments in time that only a single, or double shot can capture. That's this week's theme. Pictures of the people who matter to me at the Square.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is another fun moment with Wendell the Garbageman escorting another photographer out of the park for not payin'. I hope you enjoy.



Photo by Normal Bob

I've long fantasized about the gravers in the back incorporating Juggalos & Juggalettes into their circle. I feel it would define them both better, and be extremely flattering to each of their causes.

It would also help me better understand how they differ, and what each thinks of the other. When I ask about it directly both sides seem fairly indifferent, which upsets me even more. It shouldn't be this way!

Imagine if there were a meeting of the minds and an ultimate Trenchcoat Mafia/Juggalo Army were formed! Total world domination, and hipsters and scenesters would be NO MORE! All redused to a pile of heads with handlebar mustaches and oversized sunglasses.

A Final Solution for the ultimate whigger race.

Wendell Arrest

Photos by Normal Bob

Yep. Wendell got arrested on Saturday. He apparently hit somebody behind the George Washington statue, and that was that. And it probably happened.

This year I've seen him get a lot more aggressive with everyone. I've seen him tear a newspaper out of a guys hands, swipe a cigarette out of a woman's mouth, and touch people's food that they're holding. You could see it coming.

Anyhow, here's Wendell's side of the story to clear everything up...

Video by Normal Bob
Junky the Barbarian

Photo by Normal Bob

You should hear the way the junkies in the back of the park talk about Junky the Barbarian.
"Have you seen the size of that guy! I wouldn't do anything to piss him off!" or, "Has that guy seen your postcard yet? Are you scared what he might think of being made fun of on it?!?"
Even, "Dude! I wouldn't talk shit about him on your site! He's HUGE! He'd kill you with one punch!!"
He's obviously their crowned acheivement in junkydom.

The sad fact is however, Junky's not been looking all that barbarianious as of late. His limbs are hanging off him like old meat, he can barely keep his shoulders up at neck level, and I'm pretty sure he's shrinking. In fact, I'm willing to go out on a limb and say at this point I could probably take him in a fight.

I mean, shit. You watch him lumber past you and it looks like the right breeze at the proper trajectory would blow him right the fuck over, which is exactly how my punches have been described.

Biffy Forehead

Photos by Normal Bob

I don't pay enough attention to the lovely photo moments Biffy offers on a regular basis. Sweet and tender moments that no one else at the park has the ability to express quite the way Biffy does.

These two shots were taken while he was viewing images he'd just taken at Union Square on a sunny Saturday, and it's exactly how I probably look doing precisely the same thing every single day here.

I'm with ya Biffy. Me too.

Union Square Trash Cans

Photo by Normal Bob

Skater Bob and I have our theories about people and their attraction to garbage cans. We sit there and watch regular people lean on it, use it as a podium to give speeches, or a coffee table to discuss things over with friends. We've seen people eat off of them, put their purse on it while they search for their phone, and even change baby diapers there.

Meanwhile we've also seen many irregular people use them as vomit recepticals, filthy underwear hampers, spittoons, bloody nose drip centers, used bandaid & bandage disposal units, urinals, and even human poop (or worse) stations.

There are so many uses for garbage cans, and almost every one of them can be seen, whether you like it or not, at Union Square.


Photo by Normal Bob

Thirteen dollars, eleven cents.
Heroin Chic

Photo by Normal Bob

There are two kinds of "heroin chic." One kind is the emaciated fashion model who's so skinny and so aloof in her attitude she appears to be using, thus glamorizing the drug and its users.

The other kind is the actual user who you see running back and forth from the back of the park to the front of the park throughout the day, and it isn't until you're right up close and engaged in a bit of dialog you realize they're a serious junky but somehow looking quite fashionable despite.

I prefer the latter.

Justin Bieber Family

Photo by Normal Bob

This picture was taken seconds after Skater Bob shouted "JUSTIN BIEBER FAMILY!"

Obviously I was shooting pictures and not video at that particular instant so the magical moment was not entirely caught.

But, looking again, perhaps it was.

Kentucky Fried Wings

Photo by Normal Bob

I remember back when I first saw eyebrow & lip piercings in the late 80s, and I admit, it was shocking, but right away, a year or so into the trend, I got totally used to it. By the time the 90s got into full swing those didn't have any afftect on me at all. No different than ear piercings by that point.

Who knows, maybe the same thing will happen to me with branding, but right now I swear it makes me weak in the knees, and if I ever found myself moving my hands up the shirt of a girl I was with and felt a pair of angel wing scarifications bubbling up under my fingers, I'd scream and lock myself in the bathroom to wimper alone with my thumb in my mouth for a few hours.

Who knows though. Maybe by this time next year I'll be wackin' off to the shit on xhamster.
You seriously can never be completely sure about things like that sometimes.

Pacifier Boy

Photo by Normal Bob

I also remember back in the ninties when I first saw a guy walking around with a pacifier in his mouth and thinking to myself, "No way is this shit catching on. That's gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever seen." I hadn't seen such a retarded possible trend before in my life at that point.

Now, years later I see it and say to myself in exactly the same voice, "I can't beieve that shit caught on. It's gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever seen."


Photo by Normal Bob

Three things Signs isn't.


Shaggy plays along

Video by Normal Bob
What better way to conclude another page of Strangers than Bob playing us out with a little song.

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