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I understand that lately there's been an enormous amount of focus on Wendell's lawless attention-seeking antics. This week is no exception.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is a guessing Game, and another Union puzzle solved. How would you do this dressed like that? I mean, can you imagine him standing in line at Starbucks or Wholefoods? And you can't hide dressed like that without constantly being led away in handcuffs and your pants unzipped.

Well the mystery's solved, and it's not got a happy ending.


Kids Today

Photo by Normal Bob

The kid's today are too cool. They're too cool, good looking & confident. They're too clever, cool, good looking, confident, and efficient on their phones, and if we let this get out of hand soon they'll realize we're easily overpowered, overrun and pushed out to the fringes of society. This is precisely why I encourage their drug use, laziness and unprotected sex, because for right now it's the only leg up the rest of us have got on them.

Roman's Escapades

Photos by Normal Bob

Listen. I do everything I can to keep the "Sit on my face" guy's updates at a bare minimum. I'm not looking for my site to turn into "that face sitting site", but each time I try to hold back something happens.

After this particular face-sit event there was an exchanging of email addresses, and the "sitter" chose to post Roman's emails to her on her Facebook page. I found it extremely entertaining, to say the least.

Click the image above if you can't view the actual page link.

Photo by Normal Bob

There's a very real reason I christened Casper "the President of the Gravers" so many years ago.

Anybody who's keeping the graver dream alive gets points from me, and there's no one keeping it more so than he. He encapsulates everything it means to grave in this dimension. From those cheap, worn sneakers and pants he pulled from the hamper, to that priceless Matrix-vampire space/time-coat w/matching vest & goggles I can safely say there is no one more graver than Casper in this life or the next, and he know's it.

Hell, he wears it.

Baby's Daddy

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Who loves kids? Shaggy love kids! And this little guy fell completely in love with Skater Bob. Then, when it was time for him to go home, he was dragged away in tears. The baby, that is.

The video below tells the story better than I ever could. Awwww....

Birdcall Man

Video by Normal Bob

Birdcall Man is the real deal. Google him and you'll see he's been bird-callin' and flappin' his arms with a feather in his cap for years and years.

My favorite part of this particular sighting is him pointing at the pigeons while he does his pigeon coo. You don't get any more real than that, people.

Graver Army

Photo by Normal Bob

Remember on the previous page when I called for an alliance between the graver and ICP armies?

That's all I have to say.


Photo by Normal Bob

The best part about Grizwalds is that when they pose for pictures next to nodding homeless junkies it's not because they think it's clever or funny, but because they don't know what nodding homeless junkies are.
Bummer Burn

Photo by Normal Bob

A while back one of the top things on my list of "people to photograph" were the ones sporting horrible sun burns, but you wouldn't believe how ornery and disagreeable and just plain unpleasant this cliquish group of stuck-ups is about getting pictures taken!

Anyhow, the whole project got put on the back burner. That is at least until they ease up a little and quit acting like the sun revolves around them!

Judgment Day

Video by Normal Bob

Yep, that's tomorrow. Giant earthquake, and it'll swallow up all the cities and bring the highest mountains crumbling to the ground. However, I'm sure by Sunday they'll accept any inconvenient thunder shower and a gust of wind that blew over a telephone pole.

Let's see what this guy has to say about it.

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