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I realize it's been many weeks since an update on “Judgment Day." After some time to reflect I was able to piece together this mini-film of the failed Rapture at Union. Today's FEATURED VIDEO is exactly how things pretty much went down that day, in a tiny nutshell.

Of course there was every single type a Christian there except for the "May 21st Judgment Day" brand of Christian. And this of course was lost on the overwhelming show of mocker who showed up to rub noses in it. And after all's said and done, this is, in my opinion the best representation of how the day went down.


Bum vs Nerd

Video by Normal Bob

Signs the Bum harassing another passer-by, but this time it's a nerd, and as we all know, nerds fight back!

This one get's the last laugh beating the bum at his own game!

I love it when regular people argue back at bums.
"No, I'm better than you!"
NO! I'm better than YOU!!"

Makes me so happy.


Photo & video by Normal Bob

isn't Inna the best? Some people love to hate her, while others hate to love her, but I'm here to say she's jussst rright!

And there's no better defense to an obnoxious Christian offence than a tatted up, hot stripper babe lapdancing her way to Jesus beats! Inna's the fuckin' shit.
The Dog Molester

Video by Normal Bob

Yay! The Dog Molester's still bummin' 'round the park lookin' for cigarettes, doggies, and whatever else he can get his fingers on!

We've missed you Andy, and truth be told, the pups have missed you too. Good to have ya back.

Bodybuilding Junky

Photos by Normal Bob

You may think you've got every junky pegged, but who would've ever guessed half of these fuckers are ex-olympiads built like a muscle-mag centerfold?
To prove it, here's Skater Bob and the above nodder showing what they've got front stage of Union Plaza.

Afterwards I offered to do a professional photoshoot at the studio in my apartment, but the junky wasn't into it. I had to ask a good 5 or 6 time before he finally went away.
Free Massages & the Roach

Photos by Normal Bob

Jesus Christ! Is that the "Sit on my Face" Free Massages guy massaging the Union Square Cockroach?
What the f...
Jesus fucking-double Christ! Is that the roach free massaging "Sit on my Face"!??

...and Jesus fucking-triple Christ!
Is that the roach back in front of "Sit on my Face" for another free massage making this probably the most Union Square moment of Union Square moments I've ever seen?

What two people are more made for each other than these two? Fuck the Rapture, this park's going to live forever.

PS. I love putting Cockroach related pics out of sequential order like I did here, because for some reason it DRIVES HIM CRAZY!!
You've no idea.

The GOD IS FAKE flyer

Video by Normal Bob

You may or may not remember Huggies of the Free Hugs Police State Regime, and as much as I don't want to pay him any mind without a Free Hugs agenda, there was an obvious moment when this happening flipped over into "I should be filming this" territory.

Believe me, I am a little terrified that an occurrence of this nature has the potential to poison my GOD IS FAKE ties the same way ties to FREE HUGS is death to a reputation. But it is what it is, and if that's what's happening I'm supposed to film it.


Photo by Normal Bob

There's something so basic about the beard/ lipstick combination. It's such a tiny amount of noncommittal to look as though you should probably be committed.
It's the hostage in the basement & dancing in the mirror with your dick tucked between your thighs but still being able to chat with gramma on the phone without giving her a heart attack.
It says everything you want it to say and none of what you don't.
In short, it's perfect.

Nerf Graver

Photo by Normal Bob

Eventually graving will be an entirely franchised conglomerate. No different than what happened with hippies or disco. Go into any Walmart, Toys-R-Us or Target and every Barbi, Monopoly and Nerf product will have its Graver version.

This here is a person who wants to be at the forefront of that revolution.


Photo by Normal Bob

Gayest Amazing Strangers page ever!

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