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In the past, YouTube has gone so far as to suspend my account for several weeks for videos they deem "Hate Speech" or "Riot Inciting" or "Words too graphic for human ears." This has happened with a few of my Black Israelites vids. They've also deleted videos & sent me warnings for a couple of the "Sit on my face" Guy's vids, so I don't take chances any more. From now on the "those" Amazing Strangers go straight to Vimeo,

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is one of those Strangers, and I'll let it speak for itself. I'm sure the star would insist on it.


Shaggy's Punk Rock Lecture

Video by Normal Bob

Shaggy had a long discussion with me about Itchy-balls needing a stern lecture on being punk rock and I needed to film it. You see, Itchy-balls (there on the right) does this thing where he scratches his balls then shakes people's hands, and this pisses off Shaggy because to him that's not punk rock. That's just bullshit.

Anyhow, this is how it went.
And if you want more lectures from Shaggy you can follow him on Twitter: ShaggySk8es

Rockin' the Sailor Moon

Photo by October W. Strange

Here's the quote as she was hanging up her phone before this picture was taken, "Mom, I have to go to Alexis'- Mom, mom, I have to go to Alexis' - I DON'T CARE! FINE, I'LL EAT COLD FUCKING RIBS! I'LL EAT COLD FUCKING RIBS!!!" 

Rockin' the Sailor Moon.
You can't make that shit up.

No Pictures

Video by Normal Bob

It really pisses me off when someone comes over to me at Union while I'm filming a conversation and says, "Please, no pictures."

I'm even further pissed off when the person starts telling a whole list of other things I can't film, or talk about, or draw, and the reason for all these things is because of the god he worships. Thus, this video I'm pissed. Enjoy!

Krusty Punk Morgan

Photos by Normal Bob

When I first visited here back in 2002 one of the first things I noticed were all the cute homeless punker girls. I was stunned. I took a walk through Williamsburg and there were punker chicks singing songs on the sidewalk about needing money.

Strolling up Avenue A was the first time I ever saw a squatter chick who was fuckin' hot, with midriff showing and everything, and I'd only been here a couple days! That alone was enough to get me to move here forever and dream about it when I was away.

I know not everybody appreciates the same things I appreciate, but that's why this is my site and not yours.

Katya Cat Lady

Photos & video by Normal Bob

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Katya the Cat Lady, and even though her show was a bit clumsy at times and mostly unrehearsed she incredible!

A lot of her tricks were impromptu, including the condom on the forceps up the nose and out the mouth trick! Which is one of the greatest tricks I've ever seen!
The video above is the highlights of what was a wonderful night out at the Katya Show!
Drunk Junky

Photos by Normal Bob

This lady comes to my coffee shop and blabs and blabs and blabs on the phone, at her boyfriend, and anyone that looks at her funny when she's doing it. One of her best quotes that she shouted on the phone while everyone was staring at her was, "PEOPLE ACT LIKE IT'S NOT NOISY IN NEW YORK CITY WHEN IT IS!"
She was incredibly irritated by all her gawkers to say the least!

Then after a long day of yelling everything she says she collapses at the park spilling her drink all over herself only to wake up 5 hours later to do it all over again tomorrow.

The best part of the story however is I got to see her when she first showed up here 6 or 7 years ago when she was still pretty, thin and searching her life's path.

KKK Outta NYC!

Video by Normal Bob

Nothing more fun on a rainy day than shouting "KKK OUTTA NEW YORK CITY!!" at all the tour busses rolling around the city chauffeuring Klan members to and from their Klan rallies, Nazi banquets, lynchings, and what-the-fuck ever.

They always look so shocked, but we don't give a fuck! GET OUT OF FUCKING NEW YORK CITY KU KLUX KLAN! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL!

M&M Hippy

Photo by Normal Bob

In case you forgot, it was just the previous page of Strangers where I celebrated the commercialization of "Nerf Graving," comparing it to the the fate of the Hippy, here being represented by M&M's candies.

In my opinion these mergings really really really really work well, and the people who wear it are bold and very smart, and look cool, and dress appropriately for who they are inside.

Union Closed for Cleaning

Video by Normal Bob

And even after all that, when Union Square is roped off for its yearly hose-down there's still way too much going on there.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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