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This vid was originally going to be a big deal here (below).

But as of today's FEATURED VIDEO, everything's changed. It was summed up best by Blackbook Mag describing it as, "one of those rare cases where not only does a jerk get his comeuppance, but it happens in such a gratifying way that it’s almost theatrical."
Don't miss this fun little video shot a few days after this all went down.


Lotion Man

Video by Normal Bob

People are commenting that Lotion Man has got to be an actor or something, because he's just too perfect, or comfortable in front of the camera, or performing too much.

If that's the case, then he's really putting on the show of his life sleeping at the park and getting in all the hours necessary to know the details about all the deadbeats who lurk there.

Inna Skates Topless

Photos & video by Normal Bob
I don't know what it is about Inna, but when she steps in front of a camera she hits the shots like she's been practicing in front of a mirror! Which wouldn't surprise me if she that's exactly what she's been doing. Whatever it is though, she's doing it right.
As for the topless skateboarding in the park? Can Inna do that wrong, even when she skates for shit? I think the answer is no.
Green Graver Girl

Video by Normal Bob

Shaggy and I interview the adorable Green Graver Girl about her life and graving.

Barbie Legitimizes Farter

Video by Normal Bob

Believe me, Roman the Fart Smeller spends a lot of time trying to figure out what it is that's going to legitimize his particular brand of activism.

After countless hours, this is what he came up with.

The Dead Body Junky

Photos by Normal Bob

One of the most incredible junkies at Union is the "Dead Body Junky." The Dead Body Junky is able to stop his heart and lie there as if he's actually a dead body! It's really impressive.
People come and gaze at him, nudge and kick him, but he just lies there like he's totally and completely dead. It's really really amazing.
Colorful Couple

Photo by Normal Bob

I don't usually want to see happy couples, and love, and loving happy couples, but these two are just too goddamn cute not to be together forever!
The Cafeteria

Video by Normal Bob

Here Shaggy explains the Union Square Cafeteria and everything you're allowed to do there.

Photo by Normal Bob

Shaggy's quote upon seeing this guy, "Junkies are always so bendy" right before he jumped over him on his skateboard.
Wendell's Arrival

Video by Normal Bob

This is how Wendell arrives at Union Square each and every day, but I believe it also works as goodbye, until your next visit with the Amazing Strangers of Union Square.

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