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Occupy Wall Street is the only thing anyone's talking about when it comes to documenting crap in NYC, which I have been doing, but I've also been at Union documenting shit there too. It's funny to see how the park's been altered with so many of its regulars at Zuccotti Park camping there night and day instead of the benches at The Square.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is probably the liveliest dedication to heroin I've yet to capture on film. Leave it to OCD, Morgan, and the gang to put out one of the best Brown Sugar tributes I've ever heard!


Merry Mary

Photo by Normal Bob

I spotted Mary from Union at Wall Street. She'd been camping there for 5 nights so far, and I couldn't help but notice how it was the happiest and most rested Mary I'd seen since as long as I can remember.

It was very cute, and for now that's the last I'm mentioning of Wall Street.
For now.

New Scene

Photo by Normal Bob

There's a new kind of scenester happening at the park with a bit more exposed scalp, skin and attitude! It's the first signs of punk inflictions I've seen in scenesters (excluding Inna), and it works!

While they were hanging out a big dude with neck tattoos came up and started obnoxiously moving in on the blond in legwarmers, who'd clearly been getting it all day long, so the rest of them verbally chased him the fuck off with "Not interesteds" and "Fuck-offs."

2010's scene girls would've cowered under the guise of being haughty and bored and eventually insecurely submitted to the attention. It's a much needed facelift, to say the least.

Inna Topless getting light

Video by Normal Bob

Speaking of punkrock Sceinna, here she is taking off her top once again at the Square, then realizing she needs a light.

Normal Bob Lectures Union

Video by Frank

On this day I arrived at the park only to discover it being treated like a garbage dump by the park rats who live there day in and day out! Food and shampoo spilled out all over the steps. Wrappers containers and dirty clothes scattered everywhere. It was downright filthy!

I couldn't contain myself any longer, handed my camera over to my friend Frank, and proceeded to declare every bit of it trash about to be thrown out!

I mean, c'mon people! It's our park! You'd shit in your own living room, wouldn't you? It's why none of you are allowed to have living rooms, for Christ's sake.

Virgil's got the Sniffles

Video by Normal Bob

So last week Free Hugs' Virgil pulled up a seat in front of us with his cafeteria food and told us about the tiny case of sniffles he's been dealing with through this changing of the seasons.
NY Kids Ashing Weird Guy

Video by Normal Bob

Simple enough. The kids were there first, as they always are, and this guy walked over and plopped down there underneath.

I wish I'd also gotten video of them dangling their feet around his head, and the continued look of frustration on his face through this whole ordeal. It was fun to watch.

NYC Babysitter loves card

Video by Normal Bob

Last week I saw a police officer remove his hat only to catch a glimpse of one of my postcards tucked away inside it! I was shocked, and extremely curious. So the next time I saw him I got an interview. One of New York's finest Union Square Babysitters.

He loved it.

Maddy hugging Wendell

Photo by Normal Bob

Most of the time I'd suggest to anyone to NEVER EVER do this, EVER. But Maddy on the other hand, there's nothing you can tell her, and I have to admit, the reaction from Wendell was priceless. He curled up, tried to get away, then in a rare moment for him, he submitted by closing his eyes and wincing hard!

Maybe you had to be there. You gotta know Wendell to appreciate it perhaps.

When Planets Align

Photo by Normal Bob

A once in a lifetime gathering of 4 of the most essential figureheads of Union Square. If only Wendell were anywhere to be found.

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