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NY, I Love You

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I have been dividing up my time between Union Square and Lincoln Square in an attempt to bring you equal coverage of each, which hasn't been at all difficult since they're both overflowing with content. Seriously. Everything's been out of control at both locations lately, as you'll see.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is direct from Occupy Wall Street.
Me, Shaggy and his girlfriend had a fantastic day amongst the occupiers. I was astonished by what a well organized event it's become and I knew no one could sum up my feeling of what we saw there better than Shaggy himself.


Lotion Man on Wall Street

Videos by Normal Bob

Remember when just a month ago or so I introduced you to Lotion Man and his dreams of being famous on YouTube? Well, there might actually be wish-granting fairies in our midst, because this dream came true last week at Occupy Wall Street. And I believe it was more than Lotion Man can handle.

I got an email from The Blaze informing me of Lotion Man's shocking appearance. Then just a couple days later his subsequent publicity on Fox News, and Jesus Christ, everybody freaking HATES HIM!

Here's the man himself to rebut his detractors and fill you in a little on what's been happening in his life since being catapulted to celebrity status in New York City. Especially Wall Street!

Lotion Man news as of Nov 7, 2011

Dusty's Ex & the NY Post

Videos by Normal Bob

At the beginning of this year Dusty shocked the world with the news that he not only got married but had a child on the way!. Little did any of us know what a huge chapter he was descending upon in his journey towards bliss and happiness.

And then this happened.

Dusty/Lotion photo-opp by Shaggy
Jesus Guadeloupe

Video by Normal Bob

Jesus Guadeloupe is another personality from Union who's been making the papers all because of Wall Street.

No joke, last month these three were play fighting each other, dancing around like court jesters and pretty much living up Union Square's reputation to the fullest, and beyond. Now they're stars.

It's beautiful, in its own crooked, wiry way.

Chewy's Golden Ticket P2

Video by Normal Bob

Remember about three months ago when Chewy and his wife told us of the great fortune they stumbled into? The millionaire who was going to pay the rent for them both on an apartment in Manhattan and the unbridled overconfidence with which his sang it to the world?
Well guess what. It didn't work out, times 3.
Unicorn Man

Photo by Normal Bob

Shaggy hates Unicorn Man. He hates him more than any other person I've heard him talk about in the last ten years. And why does he hate him so? "Because he's a poser! He wears punk shit but doesn't know shit about punkrock! He walks back and forth on Saint Marks every Sunday on his way to nowhere doing nothing but shopping, acting like it's the first time he's ever walked down that street! I hate that guy! Don't put him on your page, Bob! He's a POSER!!!"

Shaggy, Oct 12th, 2011


Video by Normal Bob

I finally got the postcard into the hands of Trips, and he LOVES it!

I love it.
Thank you Trips.


Photo by Normal Bob

Oh Grizzies, and your maps, and families, and extra layers of fat, and backpacks, and Jesus, and staring, what you must think of this place.

To them we are the zoo animals and they are looking in at us from the safari. To us they are the ones who've strayed from their cages, and are now potential prey.

Fart Smeller on Wall Street

Video by Normal Bob

I guarentee you the Fart Smeller sees all these Union Square regs (Dusty, Lotion Man, etc) on Wall Street getting famous, written up in the papers, each day he thinking "I'm next. I'm next. I've got to be next if I just stay persistent. On course."

I'm taking bets. Will it, or won't it?
I vote "no" and hope "yes."

More than a Mouthful

Video by Normal Bob

You have to have a gimmick if you want to be heard and remembered.

If you walk through the park yelling about God and telling kids they're misbehaving and should grow up, no one's going listen. But, if you stick a strange spongy straw in your mouth and do the exact same thing like a marble mouth, there's a terrific chance some dickhead with a camera will post you on YouTube where your "kids suck, Jesus saves" message potentially be heard by millions!

This is the world we've built. Let's all pat ourselves on the back.

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