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Something you may or may not know about me is I'm not one for taking part in movements. I have a hard heart, so when I see a group of activists or protesters I usually poopoo on it. I even tried a few times to join different atheist groups, but I just couldn't stay interested. Occupy Wall Street however is different.

I've been visiting the Wall Street Occupation for the last month or so, and last week, when they won against Bloomberg's eviction notice, I fell for it. Big time.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is my attempt to seduce you into what's now become a global phenomenon with no foreseeable end in sight, in an attempt to change the world, and I am completely on board.


[A Movement too big to Fail -]


Video by Normal Bob

After the Liberty Park victory over the Eviction at Dawn Occupy had become emboldened!

They tore down the sign that'd been posted there the night before. They stormed Times Square the following day, and even went in smaller groups to different banks to close accounts in mass. It was mayhem, and there seems to be nothing the city can do to stop it. So instead there's been this passive-aggressive response that I find pretty amusing actually.

Green Graver Girl

Photos by Normal Bob

Amidst all of this banker greed, Wall Street crookery, police brutality and arising rebellion in the streets of NYC, there's nothing like the Green Graver Girl (here today in a theme of red) to make one sigh with relief and smile.

This is what the Original GGG was put here to help us through, and she's doing her job delightfully! So well, in fact, that at least for the times she's around, I withdraw anything negative I may have ever said about gravers, gravettes, graving and the tiny, roughneck town of Gravylvania.
This is Fox News

Video by Normal Bob

I swore to myself after seeing the first attempt of Fox News to undermine Occupy Wall Street, if I saw them again I was going to make their life hell. This video is me doing just that.

Then, right after this they split up into two different groups and met up at the other side of the park. Of course I followed them the whole way,

They were trying to be sneaky, (covering the logo on their microphones with paper & such), so when I saw them begin to talk into the camera, live, I used the Echo Chamber technique that's commonplace here at Occupy. It's where you shout "MIC CHECK!" and the crowd shouts it back automatically. I did it again - "MIC CHECK!" and hundreds repeated "MIC CHECK!" back. Then I shouted, while pointing "THIS IS FOX NEWS!" The crowd chanted "THIS IS FOX NEWS!" And I shouted "THEY ARE HERE TO MOCK THE EVENT!" And hundreds repeated "THEY ARE HERE TO MOCK THE EVENT!" And I did this all one more time, then walked away.

The crowd descended on them like they were covered in BBQ sauce. Immediately after, with camera in hand, I realized I forgot to film it. That error has haunted me ever since.

Fart Smeller Movement

Photos by ?

Yes, the Fart Smeller has been Occupying Wall Street. But leave it to the schooled activists there to show Farty up, the likes of which he hasn't been seen before.

Someone emailed me these photos, and I lost their address, and I found it all very amusing

If you're the one who took these photos, feel free to tell me who credit goes to and who I should shake hands with next time I'm at Occupy.

The Blipster Twins

Photos by Normal Bob

The Blipster (look it up) Twins have been causing a stir around the city for the past few years. Each time I see them I tell them I'm dying to draw them and add them to the postcard, but the thing is "YOU DON'T HANG OUT AT UNION ENOUGH!"

The card is sinfully short of girls. It's like 85% dudes, just like Union Square! I mean, c'mon. Help me out here ladies! What's it going to take to get you here to make spectacles of yourselves so I can even out the demographics on my very important Matchgame Postcard thingy??
Seriously, make the effort.
In my face

Video by Normal Bob

My rule: If the guy's inches in front of your face singing a song that begs for spare change, you're completely permitted to film him without consent for free.

He needed to be reminded of this rule, but was quick to comply.

Pretending to not film Wendell

Video by Normal Bob

There is nothing that stands out more to Wendell than an attempt to pretend like you're not filming him in hopes that he'll go away without noticing.

You know, after watching this, I've just realized I'm the only person I know who films Wendell without getting hassled. In fact, the other day he called me "The Godfather of the Park."
It's an honor... I think. Right?

Sane the Squirrel

Video by Normal Bob

You'd be surprised what a commotion a guy with a pet squirrel can cause at a park filled with junkies, peepers, dying bums and crackheads.

You'd think they were chasing away a child molester. But no. Child molesters get a gold medal here while squirrel owners get banished. Go figure.

Signs' Secret

Video by Normal Bob

And finally, Signs came up to me the other night like he'd just heard how the Twin Towers were actually brought down. He whispered to me "Psst! Come over here. I gotta show you somethin."
So of course I snuck over with him while suspiciously glancing over my shoulders every few seconds.

Which reminds me, did I tell you the story about how Signs now refers to Shaggy & I, and whoever we're hanging with at the time, as family? He even stood in front of a guy the other day who was taking a picture of our group and scolded him, "NO. No pictures. That's my family. Take it somewhere else, numb-nuts."

True story.

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